Report: Nokia Maps Replace Bing In Windows Phone 8

It's shaping up to be a big week in mapping news. Google's got a bunch of new stuff, including offline maps. Apple's got its own maps now too. And Microsoft is reportedly making the switch from Bing to Nokia's maps for all phones in Windows Phone 8. Awesome.

The report, from WPCentral, follows similar stories that Nokia would be the default app, but it makes sense to just rename it Maps and eliminate any confusion. The switch would also bring in Nokia's 3D navigation and transit directions. That transit info is especially juicy, since it's actually more detailed than Google's in some ways, and Apple doesn't have any first-party transit info -- it's sourcing it out to third parties.

Is it enough to make Windows Phone a true player? Not on its own, no. But there are other bits coming in the next few weeks, particularly at the Windows Phone Developer Summit on June 20. Plus, it'll be nice to not have Bing drop you off a dozen blocks from your destination. [WP Central via Verge]


    Well i have been using a beta of Nokia Maps for testing purposes, and it is BY FAR the best mapping software i have ever used to date.

    I have tested this on a Nokia WP handset, and a Nokia W8 tablet (both in my car and walking around, in Australia) and i am blown away. For those who use WP7.5 you will know what i mean when i say that the OS is like an extension of your mind, and the mapping app is amazing.

    let me give you an example, i get my phone, load up maps and then drive to a random place in Melbourne (in this case it was lygon street). i jump out of my car and use voice activation to say "cheap Indian restaurants" - the map app will then list the close Indian restaurants around me. I click on one, and it gives me the menu, reviews, phone number (with direct dial), photo's of food and a few other things - i can also send this info to another app, like foodspoting where it will auto load the restaurant and give me the same (and sometimes more) info.

    the map app gives me public transport info, real time traffic info, images, videos, construction work info etc.

    WP8 and W8 are out of this world and i cant tell you how amazing, and (like WP7) game changing they are. Apple and Google will keep playing catchup.

      I'd have to disagree with you regarding WP7 being a game changer. UI wise yes, it was different, but overall it was Microsoft's response to iOS. Comparing WP now to when it was originally launched, will you realise just how rushed WP7 was to go out of the gate, and me coming from the ol' Windows Mobile (and a lesser extent early android 1.6-2.3?), it is obvious Microsoft still has ALOT of features to add.
      June 20 can't come soon enough!

        WP7 was different in the UI department yes, which i believe it made it an amazing phone to use, but it was the way in which it did things, the way that it incorporated everything that i believe made it a game changer.

          I see what you mean, I guess it didn't seem too much of a game changer for myself since my Touch HD had some Facebook built into Touch Flo/Sense. But in terms of integration, i'd agree with you there.

        I have to say I've had the opposite experience with both Bing Maps and Nokia Maps on WP7.5. I wanted to have something different for lunch of the dozen or so nearby food places. Nokia Maps lists ONE of them under "eat & drink" - and not the objectively most popular one - and needless to say doesn't have ratings data either.

        If I search for a particular place individually, sure it'll find it. But for discovery and exploration I've found Nokia/Bing Maps to be completely useless. I'm better off walking around and just giving random things a go.

        Has there been some kind of massive improvement in WP8?

          (sorry that was in reply to wsDK_II)

    Can't wait, hopefully this is true. I've been using Bing's turn by turn feature pretty much since Mango, and while it has only once been off by a couple of blocks to my destination, it does need a lot of tweaking.

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