Report: Kindle Fire 2 Could Show Up Next Month

Microsoft's shown off Surface, Google just might reveal its own tablet, and according to an unnamed CNET source, Amazon is joining the party with the Kindle Fire 2, reportedly set to debut in July.

The rebooted Fire will allegedly have a camera and volume control butons, though other specs like onboard memory and processor are rather vague. While CNET does have some info from a "credible" source, much of its post relies heavily on chatter from unreliable Digitimes. However, a new Kindle Fire is not outside of the realm of possibility. In fact, with the one year anniversary of the announcement of the first-gen device coming up, and with several of its competitors coming out with new slates, an update is rather likely. [CNET]


    I wonder ... it's only been a year and the Kindle is first and foremost a consumption device. Maybe Amazon will just do a product revision (like Nintendo) to make a product that is functionally identical, but physically better and priced even more competitively.

    The Tech publications peddle rumors as frequent as the SUN. A year ago Amazon was going to introduce a 7' and 10" Device (Hollywood). The 7" device was reported to be a Playbook clone A Kindle Fire revision is almost assured since the product life cycle of these type of products is short.

    My prediction that is as good as any, the 7" will have a volume button and a on off switch. A memory boost is likely and a front facing camera a long shot. The 10" device will be more robust not to compete with the I-Pad but to optimize movies and other digital media.

    The price point will continue to be a selling point as well as Amazon's eco system.

    My source is as good as any, I once read Digitimes. :)

    Is it even available in Australia?

      Nope, Woolworths have the Kindle exclusive here in Australia for the time being (that I'm aware of, thoug I know of places selling refurbs). Until amazon have a data centre here and enable their app store, there's no way we'll see it without importing. And then the app store limitation would be rather frustrating anyway.

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