Quip: Make Sense Of Your Twitter Feed

Quip: Make Sense Of Your Twitter Feed

If the official Twitter iPad app isn’t for you, you might use some kind of alternative. Quip is just one option, and a pretty useful one at that.

What does it do?

It builds on basic Twitter features to provide a way to organise your feed. You can apply various filters, so if you only wanted to see photos, that’s all you get. The same goes for popular retweets. It’s also conversational, letting you collapse and expand your @ replies and tweets in a way that connects them as a common thread, rather that just a chronology of posts.

Why do we like it?

Your Twitter feed gets streamlined because you can see it as an actual discussion. You don’t have to dig around to find context for a particular message, because it condenses the whole dialogue into one spot. And if these associated posts are scattered, you can just hold one down to see the entire convo. It’s a cool way to stay connected, and considering a lot of people use Twitter differently, it’s good to have another client to choose from. [Cool Material]


Download this app for: iPad $0.99
The best: filters
The worst: doesn’t support lists