Police In The US Now Using Minority Report Technology To Fight Bad Guys

It's not all the way sophisticated like the precogs of Minority Report, but the San Francisco Police Department has left its no-internet, no-email days behind and upgraded to a much more sophisticated system that'll help nab more criminals.

Buzzfeed FWD took a look at the police app that the San Francisco Police Department will be using, which allows the officers to upload images, scan licence plates, dictate notes, capture interviews and pin location points — all of it in real time. The database is constantly updated so that police officers can work together in predicting where the criminals will end up next. It's fighting crime with data. Or as the SFPD put it, using the "bat computer".

Hell, once the SFPD starts using the police car of the future and integrates facial recognition software to its current app, bad guys should really start thinking about being good. It's hard to beat sci-fi tech. Check out the whole report at BuzzFeed FWD. [Buzzfeed]

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