Podcasts: Apple’s Standalone App Arrives Ahead Of iOS 6

Podcasts: Apple’s Standalone App Arrives Ahead Of iOS 6

I’m so guilty of forgetting about podcasts. Although I’m subscribed to several, they tend to get lost in the chaos of iTunes, Spotify and all the other places I’m turning to for media. But these shows have been given a little breathing room. Prior to the proper release of iOS 6, Apple has launched a standalone app for audio and video Podcasts.

What Does It Do?

Podcasts lets you do everything you were doing in the podcasts section of iTunes, but now it’s siloed in a separate, easy-to-use app. Plus, there are some new features. You can use it to search, subscribe and listen to your favourite programs.

Why Do We Like It?

All you have to do to download a specific episode or subscribe to a show is tap. A new section called top stations, which suggests shows you might enjoy, organised by categories like food, design, music and so forth is also great. Plus we love that there’s also a sleep timer, so if you’re listening to something before bed, it will shut off after, say, 30 minutes. And if you find a really good podcast, you can tell your friends through some new sharing tools for Facebook, Twitter and email.


Download this app for: iOS (free) The best: more attention for podcasts The worst: better late than never