Phillips' Lumiblade OLED Lights Make Your Fluorescents Look Like Garbage

And here I was, thinking the cold-cathode fluorescent lamp was the king of the lighting world. One look at these Lumiblade GL350 OLED lights from Phillips and now I want to cover my apartment with them. If only they were a bit more efficient. And cheaper.

The folks over at ArsTechnica decided to buy a pack of three, each measuring 124.5mm along the edges and 3.3mm thick. While admitting they're impressive to look at, the specifications aren't quite there to see them sell to anyone beyond early adopters.

Phillips reckons they're good enough to light the home, but the panels drain 7.2W and produce 120 lumens, providing an efficiency of 16.71lm/W. ArsTechnica notes the numbers does not compare favourably to the output of available CCFs, which can range between 50 and 70lm/W. Phillips is optimistic though, the company telling the outlet that 35lm/W should be achieved by 2018. Great, but six years is still a bit of wait.

The verdict? Yes, they're pretty, but brightness is a concern and the price... well, the price. A 74 x 74mm panel costing US$250, well beyond the pockets of us common folks.


Image: Phillips / ArsTechnica

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