Outmywindow: A Movie Studio Creates Another Photo Sharing Service?

Outmywindow: A Movie Studio Creates Another Photo Sharing Service?

Nestled deep inside the Warner Brothers company is what it calls a “technology” unit responsible for experimenting and developing new things which the company can use for its movies and TV shows. But now the company is rolling out a multi-platform photo sharing service called outmywindow which begs a very important question: Why Is Warner Brothers rolling out a photo sharing network?

Warner Brothers offered up a mythology for the product, which involves one of its execs being in Abu Dhabi a couple of years ago and seeing a setting sun and wanting an easy way to share the photo with her mum (who doesn’t use Facebook I suppose?). Yadda yadda yadda. Long story short, this exec OK’d the project and now its here for the world to consume.

As strange as its existence might be, outmywindow isn’t a trainwreck by any means, offering apps for the iPad, iPhone, Google TV and the Web (Android is soon to follow). Featuring clean design which presents your photos in appealing and easy to consume ways, outmywindow is a product intended more towards parents and grand parents, and less towards early adopters and cool kids.

The service centres around adding friends and placing all of their photos in a timeline for easy consumption. But instead of showing you each photo one at a time, each users snapshots for any given day are collected and presented as a stack. Click their stack or profile, and you’re presented with a tiled wall of (hopefully) beautiful shots. And naturally you have the option to comment and like photos, share with specific friends, upload from your desktop, and snapping new shots from your mobile device.

But the company isn’t completely unaware that there are already established services out there, and thus have offered the option of importing photos and friends from services such as Flickr and Facebook. But even if Warner Brothers is trying to combine the best features of the photo services and present it in a single package for a more technology-averse crowd, can they really expect to pull people away from what they already know? I guess we’ll find out when the service goes live on July 16. [outmywindow]