Oracle Ordered To Pay Google's Costs In Latest Legal Humiliation

Fresh from losing a critical battle in its fight with Google over Java and Android, Oracle has now been shamed a little more thanks to the judge ordering it to pay Google's legal fees.

One of the conditions attached to Oracle's repeated attempts as filing the case was put in place by Judge William Alsup, who demanded Oracle be forced to pay Google's legal fees if it lost the case, as a sort of advance punishment in case it turned out to be a big waste of the court's time.

And, with Oracle's attempt to patent its Java APIs being thrown out, that's what happened. Google's legal fees are believed to have run up to around $US300,000 as a result of being dragged repeatedly through the courts. [Court agreement via Android Guys via Gizmodo UK]

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    $300k? That sounds kinda cheap actually, I was expecting more.

      Yeah, but still I guess this shows that at least people get punished sometimes for sueing without just causes.

    This should be mandatory for the plaintiff in all such cases. It would give patent trolls a reason to pause before pressing ahead while still allowing reasonable cases to proceed normally.

    Should be a % of what they asking, like 10% AND legal fees. Thus, the more you want, the more you have to be sure you're going to win.

    The $300k is only for Oracle's third filing of the Cocburn damages report. After getting it all messed up the first time by asking for $6billion, the Hon. Judge Alsup told Oracle to pull their head in and do it right a second time otherwise they will go to trial without a damages report. On the second attempt they were still asking for the moon and the Hon. Judge said, if you want to go to trail without a damages report, be my guest, otherwise pay Google to review a third attempt at a damages report - your call. Needless to say, they got it wrong the third time too. I suspect the cost of the trial to be near the $20million each (pure guess).

    I'd like to see Apple get some of that same judicial treatment as Oracle!

    A payment into court like this is standard practice. Not news, happens all the time.

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