Optus 4G To Expand To Sydney, Melbourne And Perth Within Weeks: Report

Vodafone isn't the only company talking tough about 4G this week. Optus is also flexing its muscles, with the Australian Financial Review saying that Optus' 4G network will go live beyond its Newcastle-test bed in the coming weeks.

SingTel's country manager for Australia, Paul O'Sullivan, told the Australian Financial Review yesterday that the telco's 4G network will be the backbone of its plan to offer Australia's best network going forward, adding that the purchase of vividwireless is the first step in the plan.

The second step is to roll-out Optus 4G to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, reportedly within a matter of weeks. [Australian Financial Review]


    What frequency is Optus and Voda using for 4G?

      1800Mhz, just like Telstra. The 700Mhz band won't become available until analogue TV is switched off at the end of next year.

        Hi Mate, I have a korean version (E160S) Galaxy Note LTE 4G
        Specs say It has Cellular networks : LTE850 (B5), LTE1800 (B3)
        Does this means It supports Telstra 4G and upcoming Optus 4G?? I cannot get my hands on a 4G sim to try it o_O

    Does this mean those that borrow optus' network get 4g too - ie virgin, tpg(?) and the rest?

    How about they fix their coverage on their existing 3G network? While speed is nice, I'd rather have signal everywhere. I know plenty of high-populace residential suburbs that are nigh on signal existence with Optus.

    So will Optus start offering phones such as the HTC One XL & Galaxy SII 4G version? Any word on these?

    Hopefully Optus will offer 4G in Mortdale and the Parramatta area.

    Optus is the only carrier doing 700mhz telstra and voda are 1800

    Just off the kaching more money for those mobile providers from all thoses people who upgrade to 4G mobile devices.

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