Need For Speed Movie Happening, Spielberg And Dreamworks Attached

Need For Speed Movie Happening, Spielberg And Dreamworks Attached

Not content with keeping cheesy dialogue and two-dimensional characters relegated to minute-long cutscenes, Electronic Arts has signed with Dreamworks, Steven Spielberg and Act Of Valor writer/director Scott Waugh.

The press release uses words like “high-octane” and “fast-paced” to describe the movie which is being fast-tracked through the production process for an early-2014 release.

The pairing of the Need For Speed franchise with Dreamworks and Spielberg makes sense. It’s a hot property that will translate well to the screen the same way Michael Bay’s Transformers did (which had Spielberg and Dreamworks attached also).

It’s curious that Waugh has been attached as a director for the project though. Act Of Valor was a great action/war movie that was shot differently to anything I’ve seen before, and I really enjoyed it.

Hopefully he brings the same style to the Need For Speed movie, rather than the automotive gymnastics session that was the trailer for Need For Speed: The Run that Michael Bay put together.

What do you want in the Need For Speed movie? Which cars? Which girl? What story? Who stars? Speculate away!

Image: EA