Mysterious Electric Blue Clouds Appear Again Over The Poles

Every year around this time, mysterious electric blue clouds appear over the North and South pole. They are called noctilucent clouds and they can only be seen in deep twilight, when the Sun is below the horizon. According to NASA, "their origin is still largely a mystery".

Various theories associate them with meteoric dust, rocket exhaust, global warming -- or some mixture of the three.

They are the highest clouds, located almost on the edge of space at 85km from the Earth's surface, in the mesosphere. They are very difficult to observe, but they appear as white and blue tendrils when they are illuminated by the Sun and the rest of the atmosphere is in our planet's shadow.

These were photographed by Brian Whittaker at 35,000 feet, on a flight from Ottawa to Newfoundland. [NASA]

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    "Newfoundland'' lol are you referring to australia?

      uh... no? What the heck are you talking about?

      i thought that to but googled it and its a town in canada

    A simple Wiki search gives much more detail.

    "Night clouds or noctilucent clouds are composed of tiny crystals of water ice up to 100 nm in diameter[1] and exist at a height of about 76 to 85 km (47 to 53 mi),[2] higher than any other clouds in Earth's atmosphere.[3] Clouds in the Earth's lower atmosphere form when water collects on particles, but mesospheric clouds may form directly from water vapour[4] in addition to forming on dust particles.[5]

    The sources of both the dust and the water vapour in the upper atmosphere are not known with certainty. The dust is believed to come from micrometeors, although particulates from volcanoes and dust from the troposphere are also possibilities. The moisture could be lifted through gaps in the tropopause, as well as forming from the reaction of methane with hydroxyl radicals in the stratosphere.[6]"

    I see nothing about "Global Warm... bullshit" in there.

    Why not Newfoundland? A flight from Ottawa to Sydney is not an everyday occurance.

    I reckon that if the light is not bouncing back down from the sun from below the horizon (it is not mentioned here whether the sun would still be able to reach the underside of these clouds at that height), then it should be considered that the light that is reflected from them at the poles may well be coming from what the hollow earth believers understand to be an inner sun, situated within the central space at the heart of the inner earth.

    This theory is contradictory to the conventional solid model of the earth, and holds that all planets are in fact hollow, this having been held as fact in the ancient Indian Vedic scriptures for many thousands of years, and genuine photos that have not been retouched, of the poles, do in fact reveal massive dips at the poles. It is a fact that satellites and planes are not allowed fly over the poles, and the reason for this needs to be given serious consideration.

      Agreed Mothman. The polar regions contain, I believe, many answers to many mysteries. While I don't necessarily buy the Hollow Earth theory, I do believe that those regions contain unusual land masses not accounted for on our maps. Check out the Apollo Image archives for Apollos 4, 6, 7 and 9. Though heavily manipulated with airbrushing & noise, some REALLY odd things can be seen. :)

        Thanks for that Jed.

    morons. Newfoundland is a province in Canada.what's the point of googling if you can't read when you get there?

    " Mysterious Electric Blue Clouds " ??
    " They are called noctilucent clouds "
    What's the mystery then?

    But still no other theory as to what is causing the luminosity. Surely this must be the most important issue, not merely the fact that clouds are there floating in the sky, but that they are luminous at night, so what might be the source of the light that is reflected there, if the sun is below the horizon, or indeed below a position where sunlight could still reach just clouds at that altitude; is it being posited here that these clouds contain particles that are light emitting, or that they are reflecting light from some other source?

    haarp. haarp. haarp. haarp.

      A very interesting possibility I admit, but I just checked out the dates and it says here that noctilucent clouds were first recorded above the poles in 1885, way before HAARP, though the article claims that ice crystals are reflecting light from the sunlight below the horizon. But I don't buy that theory either, as other clouds with ice crystals in don't light up like that anywhere else in the world.

    Hollow earth may not be a myth. What are 'they' hiding up there?

    The earth is hollow according to Isaac Newton and Jules Verne along with countless others.. If this IS true and is being kept secret; one can only reason that the world is being governed the enemies of God.

    Earth... Shields on!

    Why is nobody concerned about the stupid opening statement in this article? "This time of year" and "both poles" being in twilight? The south pole is dark this time of year and the sun remains above the horizon at the north pole this time of year. So I find it very hard to believe any nonsense about noctilucent clouds being visible in the twilight at the north pole. Maybe Mr. Diaz could find a more accurate way to explain this to us?

    @Mothman777, Do you wear a metal helmet to keep the government from controlling your mind?

      Do you think I should buy one?

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