Motorists Confuse Military Drone With UFO, Cause Twitter Frenzy And Traffic Jams

When this happened in Kansas in broad light, people gathered along the road in awe to watch what they thought could be a UFO transported by the military. Last night, the same scene caused a frenzy on Washington DC's highways.

Motorists reported traffic jams and uploaded photos of the alien-looking drone on Twitter. Like in Kansas, it was just an X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System, a drone designed to operate from aircraft carriers. Northrop Grumman has confirmed it was shipping the lethal wing to the Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland, where it will be tested on an airstrip designed as a carrier runway.

People, if the military wants to move alien spaceships from place to place, they will never ever do it in plain sight, on top of a truck, barely covered with a cloth, OK? [Twitter, Twitter, Twitter via Washington Post]

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