More Queensland Apple Stores Still Seem Likely

As iFans ready themselves to swarm the new Broadway Apple Store in Sydney on Saturday, those up north might be wondering when they get a shiny new Apple Store of their own. From the looks of things, it's only a matter of time.

According to Apple's retail jobs page, there are four stores currently accepting job applications for various positions, despite there currently being only one store actually open for business in Queensland.

Chermside Westfield already has a store, but applicants can submit themselves for a store in Brisbane, a store in East Brisbane and a store on the Gold Coast in the Robina Town Centre.

None of these Brisbane stores appear on Apple's website.

The Brisbane Times got a look at a potential planning application for a store in the old Macarthur Chambers building in January, which Apple refused to comment on.

Keep on keeping on, Queensland. It can't be long now.



    And meanwhile, my Dad keeps lamenting that in Adelaide they don't even have one yet.

      I'm from Deadelaide. was a rumour that there was going to be one in the mall, but the gov poo pooed that one, doesn't fit in. YAWN would love a apple store here. sleepy city. back to ebay.

    The Robina store was opened in 2009.
    Not sure about East Brisbane but the Macarthur Chambers thing is definitely an Apple store, and I think it is pretty far along.

      The store at Macarthur Central stalled due to the company building it went bust, so this caused Apple to look for another builder. They are shooting for an opening at the end of this year but it might be early next year depending on the project.

      Chermside and Robina are open aren't they? so not sure where the East Brisbane one is.

    I think it's all but confirmed that one is opening in Carindale in the next couple of months

    2 stores are currently operating in Brisbane Chermside and Robina.

      Robina is not Brisbane. Its sh*thole Gold Coast.... Just for the
      people that don't know

    *operating in QLD I should say

    (although the gold coast is quickly turning into Brisbane)

    My housemate told me he just scored a job at the South East Brisbane store, confirmed to be Carindale. He'll be going down to Robina for training starting on the 16th and the store will be opening roughly 4 weeks after that.

    With all the refurbishments, I'd say it has to be Carindale. Certianly east Brisbane.

    Heard a rumor they were opening a store in Fortitude Valley, but the 4000 postcode is for the City and Spring Hill.

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