Microsoft Quashes Australian Retail Store Rumours

With a second Apple Store about to open its doors in Sydney and anticipation building that Samsung will soon open its own store, it's not crazy to think that Microsoft will bring its successful retail model down to Australia, is it? Oh, it is.

WP Down Under reported comments from an anonymous source this week that pointed to Microsoft opening its first retail store in Australia in the coming months, but Microsoft Australia have today decided to stop that report in its tracks.

Microsoft today gave us this statement:

Talk of a Microsoft Store in Australia is purely rumour and speculation, and we don’t comment on rumour and speculation. Microsoft sells through a strong network of retail partners in Australia and will continue to do so.

Damn. I wanted to go to there, if only for the awkward dance routines.



    "Quashes" LOL - that's not quashing, that's just a comment saying "no comment" ;)
    Can't reveal my sources, but I çan say they were well placed to comment "off the record".

    Oh - and LOL - MS still have not responded to my request for a public statement at the time of writing my story! :D

    FYI I think it'll be at least Apple's 3rd store. There's the one in the city and one in Hornsby that I know of.

      Sydney central, bondi, hornby now Broadway that's 4

      There's also one in Penrith.

      But when they say "Sydney", I assume they mean Sydney City.

        Dont forget Chatswood chase...

    if they don't comment on rumour's why are they commenting on this one?

      We don't comment on rumours so that's why we're leaving this comment on this rumour to tell you we will never comment on rumours!

        you can't comment on this rumer even to say that you don't comment on rumers because then your are breakign the statment you just made. (don't comment on rumours). So if there is a comment from MS then it can't be a rumour otherwise it would be breaking their own rule.

        allergation = rumour
        if (allergation == rumour){
        goto end
        else {
        give comment


          goto is poor programming...

            agreed. it is messy but seeing as we arn't running it or much less planning on wining any programing awards for comments it will do.

    Its bad enough how much MS rips us off online (technet anyone) hardly a point of opening a store if they go by the same inflated pricing model

    btw Luke, if you read my article correctly - I said before end 2013, not coming months...

    Really this is one of the problems with Microsoft. They're way too US centric and too many good ideas of theirs die because they don't give it a worldwide push.

    Hey look at Apple Store, just with different coloured shirts!

    Damn!! So where am I going to buy my software license from now?????

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