Microsoft Confirms $14.99 Windows 8 Upgrade Price For Australians

Thank goodness -- someone forgot to charge the Australia tax. Microsoft just issued a statement confirming that Australians who buy a computer running Windows 7 over the next six months will pay just $14.99 to upgrade it to Windows 8 Pro -- the same deal that's running in the US.

The offer applies to PCs purchased between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013 (and the upgrade has to be purchased before the end of February 2013). The offer applies to Windows 8 Home Basic, Home Premium, Home Professional or Ultimate. That's more or less everything on the market, save for ultra-cheap netbooks running Windows 7 Starter. But those are a rare sight these days and can't really run Windows 8 anyway.

You won't be able to redeem the offer until the release version comes out, and we don't yet know what the final price for a standard upgrade will be. But at least you're getting the Pro version, which makes it a little easier to upgrade to Media Center if you wish, though you'll still pay an as-yet-unspecified amount extra for that privilege.

Windows Upgrade Offer

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    Why is Windows 8 running on Mac? Shouldn't this be Windows 8 exclusive :P

      even mac isn't exclusive... u can run it on PC :P

    what about if you buy a copy of windows 7 can u update for $15 as well?

    I've never bought an OEM system and no doubt never will, so I guess I'll miss out. Whatever I build though, I guarantee it'll still be cheaper even with the full priced OS.

    Please edit - there are only two consumer editions for Windows 8. Specifically, "Windows 8" and "Windows 8 pro".

      If you bothered to read it in context, it is very obvious they are talking about Win7, so they only need to change one digit.

    haha damn.. i bought my Alienware M14x last week! 31st of May QQ

    hank goodness — someone forget to charge the Australia tax?
    You mean FORGOT

      Ah, no. It's a question. Hence forget is correct. As in "did someone forget to charge the Australian tax?"

        ah, no. If it were a question it would have a question mark at the end. Its a typo - a very minor one.

        no ? mark. his comment is valid

    Further more, according to the MSAU newsletter - "’s Windows 7 PCs come out of the box with everything you need now and later – including the chance to download Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99* when it becomes available."

    So it's the Pro edition you can get for $15.

    Oh ffs. I'm blind. But mainly, you wrote "The offer applies to Windows 8 Home..." when you meant to write Windows 7...


    I'll be getting 5 copies for free through MSDNAA

    It was free last time.. that is, when this same situation happened with Vista and Win7.. it was a FREE upgrade..

      Yeahhhh but Vista was broken. 7 is decent and pretty stable.

      I was about to say the same thing. Still a good deal, but in the past it has been better. I guess it's not a great financial move to give it out completely free for anyone buying in a 6 month window if they can keep the release cycle considerably shorter than it was for XP to Vista.

      The upgrade was "free" to Windows 7 but the postage and handling was around $25 if memory serves. So if that price included P&H its a better price than last time.

    Would be interesting if it applies to the Samsung Slate

    I plan to buy a new PC from a local computer shop who will assemble an Ivy bridge system for me, and with an oem Win 7. However when I called Microsoft Australia 20 minutes ago, I was told by the staff there that Win 8 $15 upgrade is only for 'authorized reseller', such as Harvey Norman, Bing lee, HT, DJ, BigW ,etc, but not for small computer shop 'no brand' PC. I challenged that answer as it did not make sense, and he went to ask his supervisor. After wasting 10 more min, I still get the same answer, and I was advised not to buy windows 7 from local computer shops if I want to upgrade to win 8. Today is 7/6/2012, now 3:30 pm Sydney. Could anyone confirm that and comment? (He actually asked me the name of the local computer shop.)
    It seems very odd to me!

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