Microsoft Boots Bing Maps For Nokia In Windows Phone 8

We saw this coming, and we're glad it's actually turned out to be true: Windows Phone 8 will replace Bing Maps with Nokia's stellar mapping tech.

The Nokia data will be available offline -- a huge perk -- and includes turn by turn directions, 3D and fast transit planning. It takes a big man to admit his own son is terrible and replace that son with a beautiful Finnish daughter. Goodbye Bing, and we look forward to Nokia's cartographical greatness.


    I find Bing Maps perfectly usable, to the point that I've only ever fired up Nokia Maps once, just to see what it is like. Maybe I should use it more often although, being a man, I always know exactly where I am and how to get to where I'm going.

    A mate has a Win7 (or 7.5?) phone and its maps app is terrible. No local searching, looks for stuff in the US instead of local (eg. not even a nearby suburb), and directions take forever to load compared to Google Maps on my SGSII when hitting "go!" on both devices at the same time. It was truly atrocious. I was amazed how unfriendly and un-useful it was to use. Hope it's resolved in Win8!

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