Microsoft Announces Surface Tablet [Updated]

After much cloak-and-dagger-style secrecy, Microsoft today unveiled two Microsoft Surface tablets -- 9.3mm thin devices powered by Windows RT and Windows 8.

The first device, called the Surface for Windows RT, is designed to be super-thin with beveled edges, a magnesium case and has a USB 2.0 port on board. The two tablets will run a series of apps specifically designed for it, including Xbox and Netflix (for the US-only, of course), complete with a link to the Windows application store. We also know that it's covered in Corning's Gorilla Glass 2.

The device will come with a super-thin kickstand that connects using magnets to keep the device level for desk-based media consumption, and it also acts like a cover and a multitouch keyboard. That's impressive.

Microsoft demonstrated a full-version of Office for the ARM-powered Windows RT Surface tablet during the keynote, before calling the device "a great choice for professionals".

The company wasn't done with surprises though, unveiling a second Surface tablet -- dubbed Surface for Windows 8 Pro -- running a third-generation Intel Core i5 (Ivy Bridge) chip for full Windows 8 support. The Intel tablet comes with a stylus that magnetically clips to the side of the device and the tablet itself supports digital ink.

For the Intel-powered surface, Microsoft gave users the same multi-touch keyboard they had on for the ARM-powered Windows RT Surface, before adding another Type Cover which integrates the screen cover with a physical keyboard and touchpad.

Microsoft was cagey with pricing and availability details, saying that the Surface tablet for Windows RT will priced the same as other ARM-powered tablets, while the Surface for Windows 8 Pro tablet will be priced like an ultrabook. The ARM tablet will launch with Windows 8, which is rumoured to be around October, while the Intel tablet will come three months later.

"With Windows 8, we don't want to leave any scene uncovered...we wanted to give Windows 8 its own companion hardware innovation...something new, something different," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said before announcing the the Surface tablets.

Steve Ballmer opened the event by talking up change in the technology landscape over the last few years, citing cloud computing as one of the big drivers for change. He added, however, that "Windows is the heart and soul" of Microsoft's business. The pre-announcement bragfest went on, with Ballmer saying that Windows powers over a billion computers worldwide. Windows 8, Ballmer said, would serve as a reimagination of the Windows product, citing IDC figures stating that 375 million PCs would ship this year alone.

The exuberant executive moved into a conversation about mobility, admitting that the future of the PC is mobile, before breaking into a retrospective video about Microsoft hardware dating back to the 1980s, right through to the Xbox and Kinect before toasting to the next 30 years of products.

Ballmer said that the most successful piece of Microsoft hardware has in fact been the Xbox line of products, saying that a combination of hardware and software all built by the company is key to its success.

There was a lot of build up to the event over the last week, with rumours circulating that US book retailer Barnes and Noble were involved in the announcement. The book chain came out and denied the rumours this morning, however, saying that it was in no way connected with Microsoft.


Surface for Windows RT

Screen 10.6-inch ClearType HD Display
CPU ARM processor
Camera TBA
Storage 32GB, 64GB, Expandable Storage TBA
Connectivity TBA, 2x2 MIMO Antennae
Weight 676g
Price TBA

Surface for Windows 8 Pro

Screen 10.6-inch ClearType HD Display
CPU Intel 3rd Generation Core i5 (Ivy Bridge)
Camera TBA
Storage 64GB, 128GB, Expandable Storage TBA
Connectivity TBA, 2x2 MIMO Antennae
Weight 903g
Price TBA

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Images: Getty/Kevork Djansezian



    "Ballmer said that the most successful piece of Microsoft hardware has in fact been the Xbox line of products, saying that a combination of hardware and software all built by the company is key to its success."

    Is this admission that the Apple model of controlling the hardware and software ecosystem might have proven to have some advantages after all?

    Microsoft - always too little, too late.

      Too little? Not really, looks to be one of the more exciting pieces of hardware coming out this year. The cover is a sweet addition. Looks more like MS want to make sure that their vision for the OS is created by somebody. And with all the different combinations of devices that both MS and other OEMS are coming out with, there will be a device for everyone with Win8.

      And MS aren't controlling the software ecosystem in Win8 (Though RT is a different story).

        Releasing 2 tablets with different guts? And operating systems? What's Windows RT and how is it different to Windows 8? Microsoft just doesn't get it. Most people are not nerds. I got confused reading the descriptions.. wouldn't have a clue which one I would want or what the difference is.

        And that keyboard thing.. it should be an extra you would very rarely need when typing heaps of emails or working on a document for an extended period of time. If you need a keyboard there all the time... 11 inch Macbook air? Or whatever the windows equivalent is?

        As usual Microsoft's products have far too much functionality that you wouldn't use so that they create confusion and only appeal to geeks. Trying to jam Windows onto a tablet, give me a break. Microsoft... please hire at least one person that isn't a complete nerd!! Designed by nerds, appeals to nerds.

          For the keyboard: You don't need a keyboard their all the time: this is another take on the transformer/convertible idea. Seeing as how you can already get iPad equivalents, saying people don't want this functionality is pretty stupid.

          Macbook air equivalent: notebook/ultrabook/this with the keyboard cover.

          WinRT is designed to be cheap and do everything the ipad does, no more. It's branded different to make it obvious it's not properly windows8. Sure, it's an odd way to do it, but the man on the street will understand after 5 minutes that Win8 != WinRT.. the name is different.

            You need to stick with Apple if this is your mentality towards technology. This was just a giant rant that could be summed up in "I don't want to learn the advantages of Windows, if things aren't instantly recognizable to me then I don't like them! Bring me back 1990!!".

            They release two different tablets because they appeal to two very different demographics, you don't need to know which one is for you, you just need to go the store and say "I want a Surface tablet, the one for the dumb end user I am, excuse me while I rage about Windows providing a more advanced tablet that I don't understand".

              It's called segmenting the market. When Apple releases a new iPad, if I see it I can go into a shop and ask for the new iPad and they'll hand it over. If I go into a shop and ask for the new Windows tablet I'll be asked 'which one'? I wouldn't have a clue. Yes one is more powerful, do I need that? What operating system do I want? Spending 30 minutes discussing the pros and cons with a sales assistant is not my idea of a good experience. And I'll come away wondering if I made the right choice. I know it's hard to comprehend Matthew, but not everyone is a flaming geek like you.

                it will not be marketed to the consumer as RT but as Windows 8 and windows 8 Pro

                most consumers are firstly driven by design (80% reaction to visuals) then by price and then by features

                so firstly, they went down the old imac (the fat CRT monitor ones) route with the customizable colours. which is what made the imac and alot of sony products really successful.
                and the w8 interface is equally customisable yet simple and elgant.

                Secondly, people will factor prices. Compared to apple, where you have ipad with 3 different memory sizes and wifi vs 3g (that's 6 combinations), microsoft will only have 4 (RT vs Pro and memory)

                Thirdly, when considering pro vs RT, microsoft has learnt from apple that they are in it to make money, and to do that they need to target the average dumb consumer, which you are referring to. Which means they will really be pushing the RT to them as a cheaper device that is aesthetically thinner and does everything the pro does.
                However, as a value add (and also because they have always traditionally tailored towards power users) they are offering the pro. People who buy this device fall into two categories:
                1) I don’t care, I don’t want to compare, just give me the best
                2) I am a techie and I know what the differences are and I want the pro because I am a power user
                Just because it’s a bit complicated and requires you to STOP FOR A MOMENT AND THINK, doesn’t make it a failed product. Maybe the problem lies with society being so stupid and lazy, not necessarily the companies trying to make products tailored for EVERYBODY.

                Going by your and apple’s mentality, maybe we shouldn’t even have computers at all. Just one device that does everything…if apple make such a device then id eagerly buy it. But until that day, given the confines of our current technology, software, hardware and social acceptance. Id say the windows 8 tablet is pretty damn fine (but the asus transformer book is better! :P)

                  Read article: its called 'Surface for Windows RT'

                  "it will not be marketed to the consumer as RT but as Windows 8 and windows 8 Pro"

                  How does that help users determine what one they need? If they get the wrong one it will impact what they can do with the system (namely desktop apps). It is a huge for Windows 8 and has been from the day they announced Windows RT.

                  "Which means they will really be pushing the RT to them as a cheaper device that is aesthetically thinner and does everything the pro does."

                  Except it doesn't do everything the Pro does. Namely it isn't backwards compatible with existing compiled applications you would use on Windows 7 and it doesn't have a desktop mode.

                  "microsoft will only have 4 (RT vs Pro and memory)"

                  And samsung will have 6, Asus will have 8, Toshiba another 7 and Lenovo 4 or 5. Is this an issue? Probably not as much as having different versions of Windows that function very differently, but certainly you can not argue that the lineup will be more streamlined than Apples. Depending where you sit though, thats not necessarily a bad thing.

                i dont believe it is segmenting the market anymore than it already is.
                the RT tablet is for people that want a tablet like an ipad.
                The Pro is for people that want an ultrabook designed around windows 8 features

                customer: I'd like an iPad
                clerk: what size memory.
                customer: um... the biggest one?
                clerk: Wifi or 3G? 3G costs a bit more
                customer: ...

                customer: I'd like a MS Surface
                clerk: what size?
                customer: um... the biggest?
                clerk: Do you want it to run your old windows programs? That costs a bit more
                customer: yes please.

                Not so different.

                  Different operating systems are slightly more difficult for people to get their heads around than different size storage and 3G or not.

                  It will prove to be very different due to the fact other OEMs will have systems sitting right next to Microsofts that look much the same software wise but have varying hardware configurations and prices. You can't however go buy a Toshiba system with iOS loaded onto it.

                  It's going to end up being like shopping for a Mac vs a Windows System. If you decide you want Apple you will have about 3 or 4 options. If you want Windows you will have about 20 options. Different people will appreciate different approaches here.

                  The other difference that may come into play over time, is that Microsoft and Apple fairly different public images. Many people want Apple devices because Apple makes them. I imagine Microsoft will have a harder time selling hardware on name alone. Not that it'll be impossible, but they do lack a bit of the apeal apple has when it comes to hardware.

                It's called choice. If you have the brain capacity to ask similar natured questions when you buy a car, a watch, a mobile phone, a TV (which i will give you the benefit of the doubt) then you should have the capacity to fit these simple concepts in your head as well. Just because you have been told what to buy at by at an Apple store, it does not mean you made the right choice. It just means that you have been TOLD that you have made the right choice, the reality is that you had no other option. I know it's hard to comprehend such minimalistic concepts Mac, but not everyone is a flaming dumbass like you.

                Soooo.. what you're saying is you would like a giant corporation to tell you what you need, rather than think for yourself? Gotcha. Guessing you don't own a car either.. you know.. cause there's more than one of them and you wouldn't want to actually have to spend a few minutes learning the differences to see which one suits you best...

                I hate the attitude you have, which is: Macs are the best option for everybody because I say so, everyone else should give up!

                You do realise that a few short years ago Apple was dying... badly. To the point where people just laughed at the company - that's changed a little now don't you think? Probably a good thing that they didn't go 'well, we don't have the most popular products right this second, we should stop trying and make more fluro notebooks for school kids!'

                This device from MS looks promising. It could bomb out badly, who knows.. but I think they're on the right track.

            WinRT refers to a programming language, Windows RT is the proper name for the ARM based Windows 8 product, where as Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro are the proper names for the x86 based Windows 8 product.

            Yes, Microsoft chose to name their ARM product pretty much the same as the programming language that is used to create Metro apps, and also Windows 8 (home) the same as Windows 8 (OS brand name).... confusing, yes, will it confuse the man on street if people say this is a WinRT tablet, no, will it confuse programmers writing code for Windows RT? Possibly!

              C# is the programming language.
              WinRT is the library that it uses, which forms the core of the Metro-app aspect of the operating system. Consider it along the same lines as Windows Platform SDK

          With logic like this and a user name like "Mac", what kind of idiot are you ? Seriously iSheep who cannot think outside their cages need to stay in them... PERIOD!

          Where have you been for the last few months? .... obviously not here or on any other Tech Blog that has been describing Windows 8 and Windows RT

          Or studiously ignoring it all so you can troll..

            This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          And yet Nerds are the reason you're a hipster with medicine, technology and cafe lattes. Without them you would be nothing more than a hipster caveman. Show some respect asshole.

          Just like how Apple should hire at least one person that isn't a narcissist!! Designed by narcissists, appeals to narcissists. "Hey everyone look at me, doesn't this device look great in my hand!"

      Macintosh flying high
      Microsoft releases Windows
      gary1985: "Microsoft - always too little, too late."

      Macintosh flying high
      Microsoft releases Windows
      gary1985: "Microsoft - always too little, too late."

      1 Billion computers in current use of Windows, without worrying about hardware. Too little, too late ? Need to take peak from behind your wall.

      Microsoft pretty much controls the PC hardware/software ecosystem. Intel and AMD make their chips as much for Windows as they do for PC manufacturers. It has always been Microsoft's dream to control the lounge room and they have had many partners and tries (including with Sony pre-Playstation days) before they got it right with XBOX360.

    has a......WHAT?!

      I concur... A WHAT?!?!

    Booyah!! F**K u apple.

      Just because they announced something doesn't mean it will be good... Why do you hate Apple? Is it because people on the internet told you to? It's okay to form your own opinions.

        It's called prejudice, I don't need a reason to dislike them. Kind of liberating actually, all this ignorance.

          You have got some personal issues to address. Anyway lets talk about the new Microsoft surface and how Microsoft have given us a great alternative for the iPad. Only down site I think they should have also introduced a 16GB RT tablet to compete directly with the low end iPad as the market needs this competition. Look forward to trying it in person.

        Look Rick I think your spouting a tired, banal, paranoid narrative that has run its course.

        Your statement oozies of a person unsure with themselves. "Why do you hate apple" you plaintively ask . Then you go on to beg him to change his opinion based on the prejudice outcome that you state in the first sentence, ironically and hypocritically doing the very same thing that your admonishing James for doing in the first place. Your asking him to listen to someone on the internet (you) and use your advice to form an opinion from. Shouldn't he be forming his own opinion. Oh wait he did. It simply ran counter to your own closed minded belief system.

        on a side note; fuck you apple. Here's hoping this tablet is a fun functional device that doesn't come with the bloated RRP that all Apple shite comes with.

        Write from my iPhone

          Apple and MS have positives and negatives. This product looks good. As does the iPad.

          Meanwhile, learn to write a sentence. Using big words does not a coherent sentence make. :-)

          chugs... has anyone ever told you to SHUT THE HELL UP

          You are a blithering moron

            Ha ha Mac, you can't form a proper argument to defend whatever position you're taking today so you just throw insults. Well done for showing us how (un)clever you really are.

              This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

                Here censor this one:

                "Mac's a jackass"


                  Woah. I'm scared. I feel your tiny tiny white arms pulsing with rage.

              Oh I forgot to add, "I am, and will always be, a blithering moron."

            I don't know why conversations even slightly linked to Apple, bring up so much hate!!

        iPhone and iTunes is all the convincing I need that apple isn't fun

    watching live. this thing rocks. shut up and take my money!

      whats the link to watch live?

    expecting to hear about an apple lawsuit before the days out...

      seriously though, I do hope this turns out to be some good competition for the ipad. the tablet market has been stagnant for a while & these been no real innovation. if this tablet sells well, hopefully that might push future tablet designs by all companies to do something different. net result = win for everyone.

        Agreed. I love my Apple products but without competition innovation is going to be choked for sure.

      Apple and Microsoft are not allowed to sue each other, owing to a long-standing legal agreement.

        I may be showing my ignorance here / being stupidly gullible, but... really?

          Yes. They actually seem to get on quite well, considering that they're in direct competition. MS loaned them $120-odd million when they were in big trouble in the 1990's to keep them afloat.

            Technically speaking the PC world is in competition with the Mac world. It doesn't matter in Microsoft's world if people buy Mac's as Mac's can run Windows.

      Yes, afraid so.
      Oh noes, it looks like an Ipad, it will take sales form us - quick sue!!

        Thats because they were a huge market for people who actually paid for Microsoft Office rather than pirating it.

    Heres the site. Looks nice.

    I am pretty blown away by this thing. I can see it damaging the ultrabook market.

    Looks kind of thick...

      i know. < 8mm or GTFO microsoft :p

      really though, I think a 9mm tablet thing would feel really fragile. I'd be scared to use it in case i broke it.

        That said, if it's 9.3mm, that's .1mm less than the iPad.

        Looks can be deceiving.

        Here's Engadget hands on
        "None of this might make sense until you touch one yourself, but it's our job to at least help you understand: the Surface really is as rigid and lightweight as Microsoft's executive team promised us it would be. The magnesium casing makes it wholly inflexible, and we mean that in the best possible way. As thin and light as it is (9.3mm / 1.49 pounds), there isn't a hint of give in the whole chassis."

      WindowsRT version is bait over 9mm, the intel powered version is 14mm.

    Yawn, wake me when some one has some thing really inventive to announce.. all too little to late Microsoft... you had 10 years of the tablet market it went no where, its android and apple that dominate tablets and will continue to do so with the massive app market.


      The only way android dominates tablets is by standing next to apple.

      Phones? Sure.

      Tablets? The only thing you can say is that they are in the market.

      Are you nuts? I was fully prepared to be totally underwhelmed until I saw the keyboard in the cover. That just blew me away.

        yea it blew me away too, at how stupid it is.... buy a ultra book and be done with it, membrane keyboard, really, ?? its the atari 400 computer and the Sinclair ZX80 all over again.... what next rubber keys for the upgrade.. LOL TOTAL FAIL!

          Errum, that cover is actually an awesome feature.

          Use this as a tablet - does everything every other tablet does.

          Use it as a laptop, for short periods when out of home/office.

          User it as a desktop at home, and plug in a keyboard, as the USB ports allow you to do. Plug in a monitor, etc..

          This device covers all the bases. Sure, it remains to be seen how well it covers these, but I remain cautiously optimistic.

          Then again, hater's gunna hate.

          My 11.6" Zenbook weighs twice as much as a Surface and is ONLY useful as a laptop. This thing will be able to do double duty as a tablet and desktop replacement. If you bothered to read the article properly, they are offering a membrane keyboard (Touch Cover) and something more substantial (Type Cover) with proper, albeit shallow, keys. Of course, with USB and (undoubtedly) Bluetooth, you'll b free to add whatever keyboard you want to it. It is really very sad to see such narrow-minded comments, especially given that the most wildly successful tablet at the moment only has an on-screen keyboard, yet sells in the tens of millions.


            Have been holding off purchasing a new laptop and iPad since I saw Windows 8 last year, I'm glad there is a product in the pipeline that can replace both of them, and do it seemingly well.

            So does this make you a sheeple then? The keyboard is a great idea. It will come in real handy when the user has to CTRL-ALT-Delete. No no, I really like how microsoft have been dragged into the 21st century. Its good to see an iPad competitor come up with something good for a change and not something plastic looking. But, the show was very short on detail. Thats not how you wow the public, by keeping them guessing.

        its just like the atari 400 and the zx80, membrane keyboards. TOTAL FAIL!

    I just wet my pants, and I have never wet my pants over a tablet before.

    I am pretty impressed by it too. I think I'll probably just grab one of these instead of (I guess we can technically call it) third-party tablet/ultrabook.

    Looks hot! Can't wait to have a play... the cover/ keyboard looks cool too...

    Looking forward to seeing the full specs, but quite impressed so far.

    I just measured my ipad 2012 and its about 9mm but I think the difference will be that if seems thinner than that because of the sharp angled edge where the mPad has flat sides.

    Not to bad I like the keyboard idea my feeling is it will catch on with other tables .. woudl I buy one ? na ist a windows

    good to see the tablet market finally doing something different. everyone has been intent on copying the iPad and trying to make $$'s from it without innovation. finally something new.

    Are they going to be paying developers to develop in their platform again? There might be a sizeable chunk of change to be had there.

      look, it's Windows 8

    Ok.... so now you can choose from Linux, Mac or Windows for tablets too.

    I like the looks of this, and if marketed correctly, could even make me consider ditching my Android tablet (which I love so very dearly). Enterprise support is just the tip of the iceberg. People will appreciate being able to run their desktop programs (in theory) on their tablet. And they don't want people to "reconsider" devices either, like Apple and Google have ("Don't think of the iPad as a laptop. It's not a laptop! It's not!")

    The only thing that could make it better, would be a "write once" deployment where people write apps for .NET and can deploy (with the one EXE), the program to multiple platforms, in much the same way Apple did with their PowerPC / Intel switch

      "People will appreciate being able to run their desktop programs (in theory) on their tablet. "

      no THEY WONT! Microsoft tried this for 10 years.. it failed... people don't want the desktop experience on a tablet.

        I disagree. People do want the desktop experience on a tablet - as an option.

        With this thing you can live entirely within Metro while out and about, then go home and plug it in to a monitor and use it as a full windows PC. That is something you can't do with an iPad or an Android tablet.

          Actually you can, run remote desktop on my iPad all the time. You know what, it sucks and is only good to check what my computer is doing, there is no way I want to do any productive work on it. If its not tablet designed for bother

        So you don't think there are professionals who carry around a tablet and laptop depending on the circumstances, or possibly both at the same time, who could benefit from having an all in one device that can switch between the two?

        Speak for yourself, i for one wouldn't buy a windows tablet unless i can run regular apps on it as well, and im still not convinced iPads are worth that much for a large screen portable web browser, and android tabs are not much if any better.

        "The desktop experience" is not the same thing as "being able to run their desktops programs ... on their tablet", is it? One glance at Windows 8 would reveal that to anyone.

      Write metro app, will work on ARM and x86 versions of the OS.

      From what I've seen, that's all that's allowed on WinRT. Win8 gets everything (.net, winforms, etc)

      This is old news mang!

    Sandy Bridge? 3rd gen is Ivy isn't it?

    now I can get rid of my iPad that is not going to be supported with ios6. It looks like it has a smart.err cover......

    Man, the tablet looks great. Hell, why WOULDNT i want to carry one of these around when with clients? I could have all my documents, word, excel, powerpoint all ready to go - on a TABLET! Freaking awesome. Better than screwing around with the laptop versions and then onto the iPad... (i have an ipad and its great) but for synergy in the work environment, this will be great. Im keen!

    The intergrated stand and keyboard make this a far superior product that any other from a hardware point of view. Will be interesting to see how it stacks up in the software stakes. I suspect like the desktop that this will be a favourite of the corporate environment.

    OMFG! I was so wanting to be unimpressed if MS announced a tablet but it is hard not to be blown away with the sheer brilliance of this thing. It is immediately the best looking tablet I've ever seen, with the same high-tech industrial look to it they used with ZuneHD (love the exposed screw heads). OK, that's not such a big deal but they have taken the whole tablet game to a new level with the keyboard/cover and the kick-stand at the back. The Core i5 version is the first tablet I could actually imagine owning, although I think I'll still opt for an Asus Taichi when it comes out. But this could easily replace a traditional PC for a helluva lot of sheeple. And a USB port makes it even better.

      If MotorMouth likes a product, and said product then becomes popular, does MotorMouth then become a sheeple?

        That is what I ask myself every day. Then again I am an iPhone user so I'm clearly some trend following hack.

        The result is immaterial, it is the process which leads to it that makes all the difference.

      Hey sheeple. It doesn't have retina display. Isn't that behind the times now?

        Explain... Process... Is that like 'Journey'?

          No, it is the thought processes than lead to a decision. e.g. I choose a computer after carefully assessing the entire market. I always spec out a MacBook and see how it stacks up. It never does, which is why I can be confident in bagging anyone who suggests otherwise without having so much as looked at any alternatives.

      Seriously Ballmer, its time you dropped this 'MotorMouth' facade and came clean.

    They're both just what the market needs - taller than an iPad, wider than an iPad, thicker than an iPad, heavier than an iPad and they apparently don't have silly things like Bluetooth or cellular wireless connectivity. (Or GPS?) And they're clearly designed to work mainly (only?) in landscape orientation. Such a relief!

    Fortunately they have USB ports so a nice 3G/4G dongle should work (on the Pro model anyway). Phew, couldn't live without me dongle... And I get to choose which processor architecture and Windows version I get in my tablet, just what every non-nerd tablet user has been crying out for!

      While dimensions aren't out yet, it does have a 16:9 aspect ratio so in landscape mode, it may be shorter. The Windows RT version is actually thinner, and weights only about 25g heavier.

      I see a lot of assumption in this post... and you know what they say about assumption, it makes and ass out of u and mption....

      Not even close. You can plainly see the keyboard socket on the short side of the tablet in the pictures, so clearly it will work in both landscape and portrait modes. There is an accelerometer in the keyboard so that it won't work while it is closed (not sure how that is supposed to work, but there it is), so I think it is safe enough to assume that the device also has GPS, 3G/4G and wi-fi in the big part.

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