Miami-Dade Police Drone Spotted Over US Weekend Partiers

After perfecting them overseas in military situations, it was only a matter of time before the US government and law enforcement would start using aerial drones for monitoring citizens. And that time is now, as partygoers in Miami recently discovered.

Back in January of 2011 Miami's police force acknowledged that they'd be the first in the US to employ camera-equipped drones to keep tabs on the city. So while its appearance isn't a complete surprise, this clip from YouTube user "miamiearl" showing one of the drones monitoring partygoers at a recent Memorial Day weekend celebration, is still a little unsettling.

Of course, police departments all over the United States have used camera-equipped helicopters to watch over their jurisdictions for years now. But these remote drones are able to fly a lot closer to the ground, which has US citizens worried that the privacy they've enjoyed for years, or at least the feeling of privacy, is in jeopardy.

And it's not like this drone seen in Miami is just going to be a one-off occurrence. New FAA rules have given clearance for more drones to fill civilian skies over the coming years. [YouTube via Dave Winer via via Prison Planet]


    Not enough drone!

      I predict jammers are going to become more and more widespread in the coming years.

        Geeks with model rockets to the rescue. Or maybe cheapie remote helicopter and go suicide bomber

    I've only watched 2 minutes in but is it as it appears it's going to be, 5 minutes of T&A and 3 seconds of drone?

    Anyway don't understand why there is not a complete public outcry over that kind of invasive "policing".

    why are my comments not appearing... is it because i find fault with your lifted reporting of an incident that is nothing more than a guy and his quad getting ass footage not the police.

      Steve its cause your posts incite terrorism and hatred / in the US your comments would land you in prison...

    Looking At the footage where do you get that it was taken from one of those flying drones. They obviously fly to low and pan to accurate to not be hand held.

    Next the Paparazzi will be using them to snoop. Then one will crash killing someone and the person at the helm will be charged with Murder. Then maybe the laws will finally catch up and I hope that they can be used but they are regulated to ensure that privacy is upheld while safety is also increased.

    I live ina dream world.

    Thats a Gaui 500x Quadcopter - they can be bought off the shelf :)

    Here is some footage of my Gaui 500x quad copter on a recent trip to NZ

    Will this spawn an (illegal) drone shooting season for keen but frustrated hunters once (legal) duck season is over?

    There's one buzzing about near my place quite often too.
    Oh that's right. It's mine.
    For an all up cost of about $400, you can build your own complete with real time video feed.
    You do need some kind of understanding of quad rotor flight dynamics and video transmission technologies, so probably very few people will have he nous to do this.

    Out come the air rifles...

    I saw one of these coming home from a night shift. It was spooky sitting at a traffic light wondering what was hovering over to the side of the road, but now I know. This was over 5 years ago!

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