Meebo Will Soon Be Mostly Gone, But Not In The One Way That Matters Most

Meebo's taken a lot of heat from us lately, and not for nothing: as of July 11th, the plug will be pulled on the majority of the one-time social network and advertising company's services.

That's right, Meebo Messenger, sharing on Meebo, Meebo Me, and all Meebo's Mobile applications will be terminated, 30 days from today. Ta ta!

Outrageously, the company has confirmed that the Meebo Bar — pestilent weed of the internet, always lurking below your browser, a creeping vine of advertisement and annoyance — will continue to be available to site publishers, and, reports BGR, will see "continued improvements and new features in the weeks and months ahead." Likely said new features will involve deeper Google integration. Ugggk! Meebo Bar, why can't we quit you (except via this web browser add-on)? [BGR]

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