Lunchtime Deal: Cheap Logitech Racing Wheel

Racing wheels are great for that extra bit of realism in racing games like Gran Turismo 5 and the Colin McRae series, but often they're mega-pricy and only for the hardcore fans, but pine no more, casual gamers!

Logitech has a crazy special on its G27 Racing Wheel for $195, down from $499.95. Save that $304.95 for something special, like more racing games! [Logitech via OzBargain]


    Already have one but just bought this offer , too good a price and can use for next pc system i build.

      But is it actually any good?

        It's very very good, I purchased mine for ~$450 and it was good then (sold it ages ago for not much loss)

    Is there a right hand drive one?

      The shifter unit is separate to the wheel and can be placed on either side.

      The gear stick can be moved to either side.

      The gear stick is a separate unit, can go on either side of the wheel

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    Meh, the G27 is 3-4 years old now... Where is the G29 Logitech?

    Has been on sale on eBay (the big deal) for the last few months for the same price. They are a great wheel.

    Chiming in: Fantastic wheel, very nice feel and you can customise the way it handles for most games.

      Chiming in: My fanatec wheel died. Great wheel yes, but also expensive. The G27 is still a very good wheel and much more reliable.

    Has been this price for a while, you guys have already reported on it as well :3

    And great wheel yadda yadda value etc.

    Brilliant Wheel! the feedback....can turn an adult into a child in seconds!

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