Lunchtime Deal: Cheap 40-Inch LCD TV

Door Buster is Woolworths' equivalent of a daily deals site, and today you can score a cheap 40-inch LCD TV.

The VEVO 40-inch LCD TV would normally set you back $498. Right now, Door Buster has knocked 20 per cent off the cost and selling it for $397. That's $101 in savings, but we're told that from 2pm onwards, the TV will drop to $299 for two hours — a 39 per cent saving.

Put that extra $199 towards a gaming console, perhaps? We've found a deal on those too. [Door Buster]


    These things have gotten so cheap, that you may as well get a nicer one.

    Went to their site but no mention of the 2 hour deal!

    also please be aware another retailer attempted this same 2hr sale a few days ago but had to cancel it at the last minute due to a very high percentage of the vivo tv's being found to have broken/smashed screens, power failures, cracked casings and various other faults once the customer got it home. I would only buy a vivo if it was from in a store and the staff checked it worked/didnt have smashed screen before purchasing.

    Deal was good - bought one! Thanks!

    This is not a bad TV - it is the same brand that Kogan sells before it is rebranded although Kogan don't sell the 40" model. Good price indeed

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