Lunchtime Deal: $199 4GB Xbox 360 With Kinect

If you want a cheap Xbox to play your weekend away with, Dick Smith might be able to help you out.

You can pick up the 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect, Kinect Sports and a 3-month Xbox Live Gold Card for $199. That's $362 in your pocket. [Dick Smith]

Update: Good grief. This went fast. Do the ring around and see if your local store can hook you up with one of these if you're desperate, but here's a cheap 1TB hard drive from Officeworks to be going on with.


    Thanks anyway Luke—looks like this one is already out of stock:

      Good grief! Will update the post and give you something to go on with.

    That's an awesome deal. We just bought a kinect sensor alone for my sister and it cost $150. Looks like I need to try get my money back!

    they don't have any stock... big surprise. !

    The "1TB hard drive" that you linked to is actually only 750GB

      And now that's fixed too.

        weird that their online store doesn't have it listed.... but Officeworks have an even better deal on the 2TB version of that same drive for only $98. I was JUST at their Fyshwick store (in Canberra) and they had tons of them.

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