Louis CK Thinks The Next iPhone Will Be Invisibly Thin And Help You Masturbate

Louis CK, noted technology philosopher and independent funnyman, recently gave his thoughts about the iPhone and "the cloud" and it's just as funny as you'd think. On the iPhone, Louis CK says it's like having "a pencil that can suck your d**k".

But where it gets awesome — and yes, it gets more awesome than d**k-sucking pencils — is when he makes his prediction for future iPhones. Louis CK hilariously imagines a phone no thicker than current screen protectors (since everything is going to the cloud) that can rub Tom Cruise all over your brain and Salma Hayek all over your junk. That'd be... worth buying. [YouTube via Cult of Mac]


    I already do that with my phone when looking at Salma Hayek on it. Trust me, not comfortable.

    lol they could improve the vibrator function on phones ROFLMAO

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