Life-Size, Hand-Made Transformers-Like Wine Rack Could Be Yours

Usually browsing Craiglist's 'for sale' section is like wandering through a junkyard, but every once in a while you come across a diamond in the rough. Like finding a Picasso at a yard sale, someone actually wants to sell this breathtaking Transformers-like wine rack sculpture.

For a mere $US7000 you're not only getting 1.8m and 450kg of used transmission parts artistically welded together, you're also getting a truly stunning work of art. And don't forget it's also functional, holding up to 32 wine bottles or the occasional Christmas tree, and serving as a great reason to redecorate your living room in a matching dull grey motif.

[Craigslist via Geekologie]


    Not a good wine rack. It's bulky, and not an elegant robot. Even the recent movie robots were more elegant.

    Sorry mate. Good work, but not close to liking it.

      Dude! Its got a cork firing gatling gun for an arm! How could you not like that? :)

      I don't think 'elegant' is what they were going for.

      Elegant robot would get owned by this war machine

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