Leaked Photos Of Droid RAZR HD And Atrix 3

Leaked Photos Of Droid RAZR HD And Atrix 3
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Motorola has been awfully quiet this year. It hasn’t really announced anything since the RAZR MAXX back in January. So it makes sense that we’re finally seeing its high-end phones start to leak. We’re ready.

This morning, The Verge received pictures of the Motorola “Dinara”, which we assume is the Atrix 3. It’s said to feature a 720p screen (finally) and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Other rumours speculate that it’ll have a 13MP rear shooter, and maybe even a 2MP front-facing camera for 720p video-chatting. Other than that, details are scant, though it’s rumoured to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor (dual-core 1.5GHz) that’s on the 4G LTE models of the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X. It’s worth noting that there is clearly some kind of MotoBLUR going on still, so let’s just hope they put it on with a light touch. [The Verge via SlashGear via Android Community]

Hot on the heels of that rumour, Droid-Life has scooped what may very well be the Droid RAZR HD. It’s got that same high-tech looking kevlar back as the RAZR, so one would assume that it’s tough and probably splashproof. That also means that it won’t have a removable battery, but it’s rumoured to pack in that same massive 3300mAh battery that the RAZR MAXX has, which should get you at least a day and a half of heavy 4G usage. Other rumoured specs include the same cameras mentioned above and a 4.5-inch 720p screen, as well as the same processor, same software (Android 4.0 with some Moto skin) and 1GB of RAM, which is the same as the One X, but only half of the 2GB RAM on the 4G LTE version of the Galaxy S III.

Looks like Motorola is finally showing up to the party, but with the headstart HTC and Samsung have, will it be too late? We’re certainly excited to get our hands on these and find out. [Droid-Life via Android Community]