Kim Dotcom: Back From The Brink With A New Project And Famous Friends

It just goes to show, you can't keep a potentially guilty man down. Kim Dotcom -- the mastermind behind MegaUpload -- has been allowed back on the internet and has outed his latest venture and showed off his visit from Steve Wozniak.

Dotcom was arrested in January for his part in the MegaUpload network, which the US Department of Justice alleges is responsible for massive amounts of copyright infringement and also has connections to alleged money laundering activities. The data stored on the MegaUpload service was seized and Dotcom is now awaiting extradition in New Zealand.

Dotcom has just had his online rights reinstated, and took straight to Twitter and Instagram to share his recent escapades, which included a visit from Steve Wozniak and the tease of a new music storage service called MegaBox.

What is Megabox? Dotcom teases:

The major Record Labels thought Megabox is dead. Artists rejoice. It is coming and it will unchain you.

Dotcom also posted about a visit from Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak:

MegaWoz. Great guy & supporter of EFF. EFF is helping to give Mega users their files back. Thanks Woz & EFF.

Welcome back to the internet, Kim Dotcom, we missed you. [Twitter via Ars Technica]

Images: Kim Dotcom



    i didnt miss you

    infact, i never knew who you were until megaupload died

    only thing i miss is getting free iOS games with ease!

    Are people actually going to take him up on this? I mean, MegaUpload was super shifty and all...

    Kim Dotcom reminds me of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers.

    I don't think some people have grasped the importance of Kim Dotcom's situation. Big business funds politicians, who in turn create laws to protect big business' profits, who in turn continue to provide campaign funding, etc... How free should information be, and how far should government agencies go to make corporate political donors richer?

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