Keep A Handsome Set Of Eating Utensils On Your Person At All Times

There have been plenty of Swiss Army Knife-style eating utensils before, sure. But few have ever looked as handsome as the KA-BAR three-in-one utensil, which looks back to the hobo culture of the Great Depression for its inspiration.

Forged from stainless steel, the combination spoon/knife/fork is 9.5cm when closed and 17.8cm when open. If the hinged design isn't sturdy enough for your eating needs, you can lock any of the utensils in place with the slot and tab mechanism. Whether you're going on a rugged camping expedition, or are just leery of restaurant silverware, the KA-BAR Utensil will serve your needs well. [Amazon via Best Made]


    A FRED is far more space efficient.

      More space efficient, yes. But also damn horrible to use!
      There has to be a better answer. The KA-BAR is not it, but there is surely a better soluion.

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