Is Google Testing A New Search Interface?

Google is reportedly planning to shake up the familiar layout of its search page. Spanish site Techno-Net has apparently gotten its hands on a short clip of a test.

The video shows the left-hand vertical menu with tabs like images, maps, videos, news, etc. shifted to the top, where it sits horizontally above search results. This tweak looks nice, but hopefully it's one that just stays in rumorland, because it why change something, even subtly, if it already works? [Techno-Net via VentureBeat]


    Oh crap... they typed Google into Google. I assume I'm making this comment on a rapidly crumbling internet.

      Typing Google into Google sets off the timer of a nuclear bomb to go off at Apple HQ. I thought everyone knew that?

    Looks similar to the mobile device layout.

    Looks like they just want to remove the left-hand sidebar and condense it into a top navigation bar. Not a bad idea though it will look strange having two horizontal navigation bars saying Images, Maps, etc.

    " because it why change something, even subtly, if it already works". This is just horrible to read; I'm no grammar nazi but the editors need to be picking these mistakes up.

    maybe try 'if it works why change it? Even if the changes are subtle.' or 'why change something if it works? Even if the changes are subtle.'.

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