iiNet Scores Roy Morgan Award As A...Home Phone Provider?

This is weird. Every month, Roy Morgan hands out awards for the most popular companies in a particular segment. Best department store, best airline, best music seller. In May, the home service provider of the month turned out to be none other than iiNet.

The awards are handed out based on customer satisfaction, so while iiNet might not have the highest user base in the country for fixed line servce, it's definitely keeping people happy with products like BoB.

Other winners include JB Hi-Fi for best music store of the month, and Retravision for best electrical store of the month.

Check out the list over at Roy Morgan's website. [Roy Morgan]



    Every mobile operator, Telco or any other business can do themselves a favour and look at iinet to see how one should deal with customers.
    I have nothing but praise for this company and they are definitely going places. It is a pleasure to deal with them.

    I could not agree more! Well done iiNet

    I love iiNet (so much so i declined a move to telstra ultimate cable which is the same cost, although the sales guy that came to the door was going on about how the NBN will max out at 70mbps where as telstra is 100mbps made me doubt his other claims like they dont need to install anything inside the house (like a cable port, which i highly doubt).

    Having said that BoB2 is really giving me the shits, constantly turning the answering machine on and off all by itself at odd hours, crappy quality handset and thats the tip of the iceberg.

    They have changed from real people answering phones to machine answering "Press 1.... Press 2...." They have also accepted too many customers in the last few months, resulting in their infrastructure being overloaded. To accommodate the large increase of customers number, they have secretly changed connection from PPPoA to PPPoE for everyone, including those who started their two year contracts on PPPoA. In August 2011, at start of my contract, my line speed was 17M. Now it has reduced to only 7M. MY premises is only 400m from the exchange! I feel that they have violated my consumer's rights, and breached the contract. Sounds like another Vodafail?!

    After three complaints to iinet in the last 4 to 6 weeks, finally iinet has sent a technician to my apartment to check and test my ADSL2+ connection this morning, and find (or I should say 'agree' with what I suspected) that there is a fault in the Telstra infrastructure, ie. the line or cable in the street. Customer Service of iinet rang me within 30 minutes of technician leaving, and told me that they have then sent a request to Telstra to fix their line/cable in the street for them/me. Hopefully the line speed would go back to what it should be (17M) 'within the next couple of days.

      Maybe you should have called telstra as well..

      Nothing but massive praise for iinet.

    Big congrats to the iiNet team. I'm a past staff member, a long term customer but unfortunately had to separate about 2 years ago due to the new area I was in. Sometimes issues can take a while to work out and patience is required (I am having problems with my VividWireless connection which has taken over 10 months to deal with - a far cry from even remotely acceptable. I can't count the amount of times I've wept to have an iiNet connection back). I've got nothing but respect and admiration for how iiNet acquit themselves in every aspect of their business dealings and from my inside experience, how they fight for fairness and justice on behalf of their customers.

    Congratulations guys, every piece of recognition you get is well earned.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    @Dale, I have naked ADSL with iinet, therefore I could not asked Telstra to do the repair of their cable for me.

    @Trendy.... I agree with you that the handset of the BoB2 does not have very good sound quality. But you could attach your own 'normal' DECT phone to the green socket on the side of the modem. Some configurations would need to be done, via the modem setting page, ie but it is quite simple and easy.

    I had a VOIP phone from Eye-Eye-Net for 6 months and half the time the damn thing never worked properly. One time I called them to ask for help on how to set up BoB and the technician didn't even know where to plug the cords in ?... I've since quit my Eye-Eye-Net service and I don't recommend them.

    Back to 17903kbps line speed the 13dB noise attenuation. Happy now! Thanks iiNet for getting big T to fix their cable in the street. Only thing is they still could not supply a detailed manual for BoB2 showing how to set up some advanced settings (which they don't really not their customers to touch ??). But, never mind.
    Btw, @zaphodity, the VoIP settings could be easily found on iinet's website. Very easy to do. I don't have any problem doing it myself.

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