If These Sunglasses Are Good Enough For Buzz Aldrin, They're Good Enough For You

See those glasses in Buzz Aldrin's left hand? They're not Ray Bans -- they're American Optical Pilots made right here in the USA. These are the glasses that went with Neil and Buzz to the lunar surface on Apollo 11.

The Original Pilot has been manufactured in Massachusetts since 1958, remaining a favourite amongst pilots. You can get them in various combinations of glass or polycarbonate lenses, frame finishes and temple styles, but the formula remains the same: high-quality optics, sturdy metal frames and timeless design. It's these qualities that earned them a spot on Apollo 11 and a permanent display case in the Smithsonian. Own a piece of history starting at $US42. [Optics Planet via Gear Patrol]

Image: Wikimedia Commons



    I'm sorry, but I (am more than likely you, and everyone else on here) am not that cool. Takes a whole lot of cool to pull of the Aviator style if you are not a pilot.

    Wow, made right *here* in the USA. Awesome.

      Wow, I'm in such a snarky mood! Wishing I could CTRL+Z that comment now

      exactly what I was thing too...

    This is Australia, not America so I think you ment - made 'over there' in the USA.
    Another person who failed geography in school.

    I love how Americans go on about things being made there. Like we're gonna clap or something

    Own a piece of history?

    Oh wait my LV shades are..800 bucks @ LV Bondi

    Now that's history

      I feel sorry for anyone that feels they need to pay $800 for sunnies, even more so for stating it here.

    Yep it is proven sunglasses over $89 is just brand price.

    That just reads like a paid advertising slot.

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    Why was my comment inappropriate?

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