If Astronauts Designed Speakers In The 1960s, They'd Look Like This

The Eclipse TD508 Mk3 speakers are the cure for the epidemic of boring black boxes. If they weren't so compact they'd look like the they might blast off their stands. Turns out they're engineered as precisely as jet engines too.

According to the British designer the speaker's egg-shaped design helps eliminate the distorting effects of standing waves on sound. The three-inch fibreglass drivers are extremely light and driven by powerful magnets so that the sound is clear, spacious and accurate. That means when you crank up the volume to a roar, they'll still sing be singing sweetly. [Eclipse via Gear Patrol]


    I'd feel like they were watching me all the time... ...just watching...


    rip off of these.

    Astronauts in the 60s mostly sat in tin cans atop burning rocket fuel.

    A few lucky ones got to twiddle some dials every now and then.

    They didn't design squat.

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