I Hope Polaroid's Instagramish Camera Works As Great As It Looks

I don't know how well this would perform, but I love the retro front design of the new Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera. It has a 10-megapixel sensor and can produce prints using inkless Zink technology.

Instead of using ink for printing, Zink photos use smudgeproof, water-resistant paper that contains tiny transparent crystals. When heated up, these crystals turn into cyan, magenta and yellow dots that give you a paper photo in just one minute. It kind of feels like the old Polaroids but on landscape format and without all the shaking.

The camera is $US160, while a 20-sheet pack of Premium Zink paper goes for $US15 and the 50-sheet pack goes for $US25. You can also print stickers.

I would like Polaroid to release a square-format camera that automatically uploads any printed images to your Instagram account. That would increase the value of every photo -- and make me think twice before posting yet another food picture.

Would you like one like that? Do you like this one? Perhaps a slim Zink attachment for your phone? Tell us in the comments.



    You're not meant to shake traditional Polaroid film.

      What if you have parkinsons?

        Your not meant to take photo's if you have parkinsons...!

          What did you just say?

            Because of Parkinsons



          Eeevvveerr heeeaarrddd offf aaa trriippoodddd?

      You don't *have* to, it doesn't do anything bad to the film or chemicals. If anything, it might help it dry slightly faster.

    Anyone got a site were I can per-order for AUS? or does the international site to AUS delivery?

    Also the AUS Polaroid site has the old verion for $250, so guessing the local price will be like $300-350? At this time no pre-order from AUS site

    Polaroid's Instagramish camera?.....Don't you mean Istagram's Polaroidness?

    I have a Polaroid pogo printer which I assume is the basis of this camera. unfortunately the prints come out streaky. I hope they have improved it.

      Yeah same, i bought the Pogo portable printer from K Mart thinking it would be awesome but half the time it didnt work or when it did the photos were grainy, i never bought any more paper then what came with it.

    Comparing Polaroid to Instagram is like saying Madonna is "Lady Gaga-ish".

    This has been tried many times before, and as always this will just be a niche-market product. So long as the Zink paper is reasonably priced this could be valuable for things like continuity-checking when doing multi-day shoots, for instance.

    A portable Zink printer that can handle standard Bluetooth file transfer of JPGs (with a really simple app for those mobile OSes that don't support it natively) *might* be useful.

    Awww I was so excited and then all you damn commenters killed it for me!

    Like the look. Not so sure about the bundled-in zink printer a stand-alone camera would be my preference.

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