Hyundai Builds Zombie-Proof Concept Car

If you've ever watched an episode of The Walking Dead, you'll know that the mint green Hyundai Tuscon is the soft-roader of choice for outrunning the undead. Hyundai has now taken its product responsibilities one step further, working with Robert Kirkman to design a new "zombie-proof" Elantra Coupé to celebrate the comic's 100th issue.

The concept drawing sees the sleek-looking Elantra Coupé modestly equipped with a snow-plough attached to the front bar, giant spotlights on the roof, barred windows, metal enclosed sunroof and enormous protruding wheel spikes for to hit the undead at every angle.

Apparently the car will be available for purchase at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. Add this to my "do want" pile. [Geekologie]

Image: Geekologie/Hyundai



    Erm.. wouldn't you have to get out to pry the bodies off the front of the car..? Seem a bit counter intuitive, unless you want to drive some distance with presumably writhing undead on the front to get away from the crowd and clear 'em off.!

    Why would you want spikes at the front of a car? anything you collide with is going to get impaled and you will have to take the object with you, rather than pushing it out of the way and allowing you to escape. Plus I'm not going to want to clean off infected bodies all day.

      You're using your brain. Spikes are 'cool', just look at any Warhammer 40k Chaos art. It's almost ludicrous how many spikes/skulls they have tucked away. I assume it's meant to look 'cool' but comes off about as campy as leopard print.

    The tapered spike allows for easy cleaning simply by applying the brake at speed.

      Nice! Benny Hill music should play whilst this action takes place.

    this is dumb, you'd want all the people to roll off the car of be deflected with no damage to the car. So no spikes on the wheels or the front bumper. Also the lights should be integrated behind an angled plate or else they would be broken off by bodies rolling over the car.

    they should have hired the dudes from might car mods to design this car, they did a better job.

    It does not have enough ground clearance. And normal road tires are going to be slippery when the blood starts to gunk up on the tires. Have spikes on the tires.

    The front spikes are TROPHY spikes so you can display your catch. The poor design is the length, a lil Hyundai would not have the suspension to carry around numerous bodies. The front lights are a waste as the spikes, then bodies would block the light beams. Worried about the wheel spikes, are they cosmetic??? They look too thin to last more than a couple of encounters. Parking would be a bitch too. Poor design from the Koreans, let the Germans have a go.

      I'm not so sure parking would be what I'm worried about in a world full of zombies.

    It is a concept drawing, not the finished product

    Im racing at 75kph and impact a zombie on the center of the frontal guard. So now it rolls overtop impacts the front windscreen and cracks it, continues rolling and damages the lights ontop. With spikes, they gather on the front and forma a bumper to stop rolling. eventually the body will dismember from being dragged along the road. anything that slips around the side will get...sore... from wheel spikes to prevent grappling on the side window cages. granted all these possess cons there are pros to its mad max appearance.

    It's a Hyundai as well - once all those bodies blocked the airflow for the radiator, good luck clearing out and running as the car overheats and leaves you stranded.

    Suddenly I feel like buying a Hyundai. Marketing WIN. Different to all the other concepts. Also Hyundais are not bad cars, they have come a long way over the years and are quite reliable cars.

    A VW touareg would make a lot better idea for a Zombie car its got the ground clearance to not get stuck and the power to handle the bodies and the build quality to match

    This is awesome purely because I have an elantra. I might just try this out

    Just get an army APC, or better still, a tank. They designed for bombs and bullets and have high ground clearance.

    Time to watch "The Cars that Ate Paris" Peter Weir's classic movie.

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