HydroView: A Remote Control Full HD Submarine

Diving is apparently great fun, but it's a bit on the physical side. If you'd like the experience of going beneath the ocean waves without all that messy getting-wet business, then Aquabotix's Hydroview submarine might be just what you're looking for.

Just what you're looking for if you've got $US3995 to burn, that is. This wirelessly controlled micro-submarine comes with a 1080p camera (although the video above was shot with an older version of the camera), a 23m cable (it's only wireless from a handheld device to the the HydroView's top-side box, which makes sense given it would suck to lose this thing under the waves), and it can manage up to three hours of underwater exploration with no risk of the bends.

It certainly doesn't come cheap, however. [PRWeb via The Verge]


    Hmm not sure about the practicality of this... cool factor yes.. but :
    - Video needs to be white balanced at depth because you lose the Colour the deeper you go.
    - 23m cable isnt very long,
    - speaking of depth, how deep is it pressurised to?
    - guess you would need to move the boat if you wanted to explore a wider area.... bit of a pain in the ass really...

    give me a tank and a underwater camera....

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