How To Make Crystal Clear Potato Chips

The results might look like some kind of fancy sugary confection, but this detailed Instructable shows you how to make a see-through snack that tastes exactly like potato chips. Minus the fat, greasy fingers and guilt.

The recipe does call for potatoes, but they're actually used to create a flavoured stock along with potato starch and gelatine. Just make sure you can dedicate quite a bit of time to the process, which includes baking the chips for 8-10 hours before the gelatine chips are fried. The results are remarkably impressive and supposedly taste exactly like the real thing.

[Instructables via Red Shallot Kitchen]

Images: Red Shallot Kitchen


    8-10hours? Hello electricity/gas bill.

    So 8 to 10 hours of oven use for a bag of chips that look pretty and have less grease...?

    Use broken glass! Sure, not as tasty but you'll only have to make them once!

    Looks like Meth chips. Walt would be proud.

      No he wouldn't, it's not blue. ;)

    Shhh! It's Heisenberg, remember?

    Considering that they're fried in a similar way to regular potato chips, I doubt there's much truth in the part that says "Minus the fat".

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