How To Develop Film With Red Wine

There's already a large community of old-school photographers who develop their shots using a mix of coffee and vitamin C instead of the usual chemicals found in a darkroom. But over at the Caffenol blog, they've started experimenting with a red wine-based developing solution as well.

Wineol, as it's been dubbed, mixes the aforementioned red wine, vitamin C, and bicarb soda, resulting in photos with a pinkish sepia tone. It's as if someone has finally found a way to bring the film-like effects of Instagram to traditional photography. (Try not to ponder that too long, it will just make you furious.) The best part, though, it that the process works with the cheapest bottle of red wine you've got, so you can enjoy the good stuff while you wait for your prints to develop.

[Caffenol via PetaPixel]



    Nice - shame the exposure is foobarred though...

    I refuse to click YouTube links... Is this for prints only or does it also work for negs?

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