How Tight Can A Parallel Park Attempt Get?

I'm only an average driver at best, but some people have skills that defy the imagination. Like, for example, this world record attempt on the smallest possible parallel park.

With parking spaces in our cities becoming an increasingly scarce resource, I've got to pray they don't add this to the driving test! [YouTube via EFTM]


    Did he attempt 14cm and we didn't see the tragic result?

    There is no point parking the car if you cannot get it out again.

      I was thinking the same thing.

      I think you're forgetting that long forgotten move, restricted to L-platers and 500 year-olds, the 749-point turn, that'll get you out of a spot that tight quick-smart!

    And they say asians cant park. (at least the men can lol)

      Wow, you're racist.

        Its a joke.. if you want to rage agasint real racism, play advocate for the oppressed, go do it where its really needed.

        ...either that or your sorely starved for the approval of others

          a racist joke is still racist...

    I think his driving instructor would fail him for that. They should have together the car out afterwards.

    I'm a delivery driver driving a ford falcon Ute with canopy and tow bar and regularly park with 6 inches behind me and 12 inches in front and yes you can get out. It might take 3 goes going back and forward but pretty easy. You get used to it with parks the average size of a small Japanese car.. Have also been guilty of bending in a few number plates with the tow bar.

      not wanting to hate on your skills, but 18 inches is around 46cm, which is 3 times the world record.

        Well, he is driving a UTE after all

      If you park with 6 inches behind you then that doesn't leave 12 inches in front of the person behind you, it leaves them with 6. You robbed them. You bad man. This means if someone with your theory comes along, you will be left with 6 inches front and back and have to perform the previously aforementioned 749 point manoeuvre.

    The awesome system in Rome (Italy) they leave their handbrake off so you can just push the row of cars forward to park your own. To get out just push the other cars in front or behind out of the way

      +1 LOL!!! lets make this law here! i like!

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