How Durable Is The Samsung Galaxy S III?

Curious to see how the Galaxy S III's 4.8-inch display -- a Gorilla Glass 2 screen, no less -- performs, gadget insurers SquareTrade conducted a few real-world drop tests to find out.

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From the looks of things, the Galaxy S III might not be the world's most durable smartphone. SquareTrade dropped the phone from ear level, had a kid chuck one in the air, and also let one slide off the back of the car. The screen cracked in two out of three tests. Then again, the iPhone 4S suffered its share of damage as well in side-by-side testing, so it's possible there aren't many glass-screened phones that would have made it though this brutal gauntlet unscathed. [SquareTrade]


    I'd much prefer to know whether extended storage in a pants pocket with keys and coins will chip or scratch the screen

    the SGSII is fairly durable. I've put mine through a bit of hell over the past year, and it still looks damn good.

    Dealbreaker for me, considering how clumsy I am... my sgsii seems to be unbreakable

    I dropped my SGSII about 18".. on to bitumen, landed side first.. no visible damage.. but screens internals were stuffed. Very disappointing.. Now have an iPhone.

      I can't wait till you drop your iPhone from 30cm height...

        getting an iPhone coz your last phone was too fragile, funniest thing I've read on the internet all month, I thank you

    Think I may has been the first person in Australia to break one.... picked it up Friday afternoon. Sunday night it was lying facedown on the floor of a camping ground after my mother had located the table. Fortunately my insurance covers the phone breakage with a new replacement unit in the first month.

      I've dropped my iPhone 4 once, 30cm onto a tile floor. Little to no damage. One of my friends accidentally hits it out of my hand about the same height, completely shattered front.

    Dealbreaker, really?! pretty sure all glass would smash or shatter in such circumstances, get an old school nokia with the plastic covers if you want smash free phones.

    but yeah pocket scratches are what I want to know...screen protector I guess

    I've owned my SGS2 for 11 months. I've had 3 screens replaced!!! The last time it fell only about 30cm... It's cost me $180 every time. Some repair shops wanted to charge over $250...

      Did you own a case for it? (Leather pouch or something like that?)

      Might be a good investment, or insurance

    My HTC Desire was indestructible... I should of kept it....

      same here. if only it'd stop running out of internal memory.

        ICS-AU ROM did wonders for that, though of course it still doesn't have anywhere near as much memory as newer phones.

        My Desire went flying one day - was in my top pocket, and when I went to stop a tree branch whacking me in the face, I caught it with my hand and sent it flying up out of my pocket, then it tumbled down the flight of concrete stairs I was standing on.
        It put a scrape on the corner of the case I have it in, but that's it. Nearly two years later, it's still going strong.

    1:09 top view of iphone clearly showing black indicator band on top - meaning that it is an iphone 4, not a 4S
    nice test anyway....

      *antenna band :/

    You can always buy a phone case cover. I mean, why wouldn't you if you know you're clumsy? I love the Case Mate toughcase on my Galaxy Nexus.

    this video annoys me

    complete chance

    if either of these phones landed on their corners each time... much less damage...

      When you're talking about toughened glass, the level of stress applied in an impact is critical - if it's below a threshold value, no damage, but above that, ka-bang!
      The stress level achieved depends on exactly how the phone lands, on what surface. Hitting the metal / plastic casing on the side = no damage. Hitting the corner of the glass on a pointy pebble = new screen.
      You'd need to drop a *lot* of phones a lot of times to get any meaningful result. And you'd save a lot of time (and money) by just looking up the strength ratings of the glass used. If they're both the same level of Gorilla Glass, then it really comes down to chance as to which gets damaged and which survives (although the iPhone 4 exposes the edge of the glass much more, which would tend to lead to higher chance of damage, IMHO)

    I am officially the first person in Australia to break a Galaxy S3! Well, as an Optus customer anyway.
    Was camping on the weekend when my mother moved a table, watched my phone slide off it and land face-down on the ground. Cracked glass front, display itself still fine. Had the phone for all of 48 hours. $50 fee for insurance excess. Gorilla glass my ass! It fell 3ft onto a dirt surface. However, still the best phone I've owned in a LONG time.

    Dropping a phone 3 times does not properly represent how durable it is. As we all know, damage mostly depends on how it lands.

    Would love to see the Lumia 900 up against the iPhone 4S and Galaxy SIII

    dosen't it depend on where it lands....i dropped my iphone off a 30cm high coffee table and the whole front glass cracked, dropped my galaxy s2 from the balcony it landed on its back but the screen wasn't even scratched, but the the bump on the back of the galaxy s2 was dinted.

    it just depends on where it lands

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