How Did Samsung Keep The Galaxy SIII Secret?

Apple can't seem to keep its new phones under wraps to save its life: there are leaked images, phones left in bars, you name it, and an Apple employee has done it. So how the hell did Samsung keep the SIII a secret?

In truth, there were a few leaked photographs just before its launch, but it was impossible to work out how the phone would look from them. In an amusing post on Samsung's own blog, the company explains how it keeps its cards close to its chest. Largely, a lot of hard work. WooSun Yoon, a Principal Engineer, explains:

"There were many prototypes and yes, it takes more time and effort to make more working prototypes. It's even more difficult when you're sending those to different places for testing and yet at the same time hiding it from everyone. Time constraints pushed me to take a lot of helicopter rides back and forth. I'm glad we were able to keep the new GALAXY S III under wraps to the end, but I can't stress enough how hard it was."

They also seem to take hiding the phone from prying eyes very, very seriously too -- even within company buildings. Another engineer, WooSun Yoon, continues:

"We had to make three types of the GALAXY SIII to prevent the design from leaking. And on top of that, whenever any of these had to go out for testing, we put them inside 'dummy boxes', which are cases that hide the design of the device, to disguise it. Even if people, inside or out of the campus, saw the device, I doubt they would have known what it was."

But perhaps most importantly, there seems to be a very strict sense of keeping work in the workplace at Samsung. ByungJoon Lee, yet another engineer, explains:

"My eldest son is in 6th grade. He knew that I had worked on the GALAXY S and SII.So I guess he assumed that I'd do S III also. Every time he saw an article on the internet about the GALAXY S III he'd ask 'Dad! You're making the SIII, right?' But all I could say was 'I don't really know.' It was really awkward."

All of which makes you wonder what the Apple company policy is. At one point, it clearly included taking prototypes to the bar and proceeding to drink a lot. [Samsung]



    I would think that for the general public, a new iPhone model is much more newsworthy than a new Samsung galaxy model...
    The galaxy siii just doesnt generate as much hype as the supposed iPhone 5

      There was quite a LOT of anticipation surrounding it...

      Maybe not for the general public but certainly the media take an order of magnitude more interest in what Apple are up to than any other tech company. You just need to see the disproportionate coverage the new MacBooks have received this week to see that.

      Yep the fanboi-ism for outdated technology is rampant with anything that has an "i" infront of it. However this time around I was quite impressed that the GS3 made the news channels, tv advertising, and a lot more websites. The Galaxy line may not generate as much hype as an iPhone (probably because theyre not such try-hards to leave it in a bar and claim someone dropped a prototype there, get the FBI involved and make a whole scene over it: Drama queens), but its Apples greatest fear and noteworthy competitor, and has made a name for itself since the GS1 and GS2.

      I am waiting for any iDevice with a wow factor in it that would make me say "Hey, lets change from my GS1 (which is the only android device I have), and lets try the new iPhone instead". Sorry, their design, software technology, and hardware is too far back in years for me to want to go backwards and pay top dollar for it like an absolute dumb arse.

    Probably mainly a cultural difference between American engineers and Korean ones?

      Spot-on. Koreans have a strong corporate culture - companies look after their employees and employees tend to be very loyal.

    The real trick in attaining such secrecy was making a crap phone that no one cares about. Amazing.

      I hope you do not live long and prosper.

        Because of my opinion on a dodgy phone? Yeah that makes a world of sense. Sorry - I mean it's not terribly logical.

      You are so right , I would love to take a leak on one of these samsungs , I hear there water proof

        Seems like you leaked on your own brain. Your english/grammar is terrible.


      The greater trick that you managed to pull off to perfection is by making a comment that no one cares about. Astounding.

    Maybe it was designed in North Korea this time round ? :P

      Designed and built by North Korea's Dear Leader?

    I've managed to keep my latest bowel movement completely under wraps the exact same way Samsung kept all details about the galaxy siii secret.

    Because they treat everyone comes in and out their building as potential thief? They don't have real union, believe or not. Haha

    I don't know, I feel with the exception of the iPhone 4, the iPhone family has always been kept pretty secret. Sure, a rumor site or two will get close to the mark...but that isn't entirely difficult if you have the ability to follow both hardware trends and Apples design decisions of the past.

    The fact so many people expected an iPhone 5 with a larger screen or a total redesign even up to the day before its release suggests it wasn't widely known what the phone would bring.

    There is a new android phone every other day. A month ago it was the galaxy note, now this. If an android phone has bugs, no one worries. If the labels on the calander app on ios are slightly off center then this deserves an article.

    Exactly. No-one gives a sh|t about a new Android phone because there will be umpteen variations of it within a month. You get one new iPhone design every couple of years, so it's far more anticipated.

      Yeah and all other Android based phones would out-SPEC the 'next iPhone' within 3 months, in a cheaper, better performance as well.

    Specs that vary so much phone to phone that software devs or a least reputable ones won't touch it with a fifty foot pole.

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