Hide An Entire Rifle Inside Its Waterproof Stock

The first line of defence for keeping a rifle in good working order is to protect it from the elements. And that's made extra easy with this collapsible version of the AR-7 rifle.

It's actually been in production since 1959, but Henry Repeating Arms has given the classic shooter improved portability with a collapsing design that stores all of the disassembled components inside its waterproof plastic stock. Available in black or camo finishes for $US275, the AR-7 also uses an eight-round .22 LR calibre magazine so you can carry a large amount of ammo without adding a lot of weight to your kit. And, most importantly, it can be easily assembled on the spot without any additional tools. Perfect for those times when a deadly rabbit is unexpectedly bearing down on you.

[Henry Repeating Arms via Uncrate]



    didnt bond have this in with russia from love?

      Yea an older model but definitely the same gun design, watched that movie just yesterday :D

    For anyone considering this it's a category D weapon. Unless you cull kangaroos or are employed by the government in certain jobs you cannot own this. Fines and/or gaol terms are substantial

    Category D: Semi-automatic centrefire rifles, pump-action or semi-automatic shotguns holding more than 5 rounds. Functional Category D firearms are restricted to government agencies and a few occupational shooters. Collectors may own deactivated Category D firearms.

    .22s are C, if I am not mistaken.
    I mean, you've even mentioned it yourself that D is "centrefire rifles" (.22s are rim fire rounds).

      Although they are only a .22 caliber they are semi automatic which in any caliber is a D class

    Almost all semi-automatics rifles fall under Category D.

      Cat C is rimfire semi-automatic rifles with less than 10 rounds
      Cat D is centrefire semi-automatic rifles or rimfires with more than 10 rounds

    Or I can just order one from Buds gun shop online, free shipping and have it for $302 after my transfer fee. You can't do that?
    Looks cool, but not a great gun.

    I am 99% certain the AR-7 has been able to break down and store in the butt for decades. I wanted one like hell when I was a teenager but couldn't afford it (and I haven't been a teenager for nearly 35 years) and it all folded up into the butt back then. It was sold as a survival rifle..

    That's exactly right ... it has collapsed into the stock since it was first designed. Nothing has really changed to the basic design ... just small materials changes. I actually had one as a kid before the gun control frenzy here. They were not very accurate and a bit of a gimmick really. They floated too.

    It's cat c. "a) a semiautomatic rim-fire rifle with a magazine capacity no greater than 10 rounds; "

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