Here's The Best Way To Play Old-School Snake On Your Fancy Windows Phone

If you had a Nokia mobile phone back in the day -- and if you were alive then, you probably did -- the best thing you could do with it was to play Snake. Those buttons were a joy to push! But even in the crowded sea of smartphone games now, nothing is quite as addictive as Snake was.

That's why the original developer of old-school Snake II on Nokia is making the same game for today's Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, complete with old school Nokia phone faceplate. Endless fun. $0.99. [Windows Phone via UberGizmo]


    Ooo I miss my old 3310

    Just read this and never owned a Nokia... I want one now :(.

    Snake II? I want Snake 1!

    Some people just want to world burn.

    "Those buttons were a joy to push!" Not like a stupid touch screen.

    I miss my 8250. Would still be using it now, if the mic hadn't died back at the start of 09. All I've got now is Bounce, with its crappy refresh rate on the screen and awkward controls.

    But yeah, as said above - Snake II? Yuck! Vanilla Snake is where it's at. Wonder if my phone still has my old high score stored in there, think it was something like 819.

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