Help A Fellow Reader, Win Yourself Some Hardware (And A Friend)

You guys, the readers, help make Gizmodo Australia feel like home and sometimes it’s nice to acknowledge that. So from time to time we give commenters who contribute to the community the chance to win some tech gear. One such occasion begins today, where the three most-useful/funniest/best comments on any Giz story posted from Tuesday 19th, 4pm until 10am (AEST) Tuesday, June 26, win a $220 Microsoft peripheral prize pack. Here’s what you need to know.

Again, that's any Giz story (not necessarily this one) posted from Tuesday 19th, 4pm untiluntil 10am (AEST) Tuesday, June 26.

The two top comments (as decided by our editors) get a Microsoft hardware bundle: a LifeCam Studio HD webcam (valued at $150) and a wireless Microsoft Touch mouse (valued at $70). The third-best comment wins just the mouse. Full terms and conditions here.

See you in the commentary...

Update: T&Cs fixed. Thanks.


    uhm.... might want to update those T&Cs! ^_^

    "7. Only entries completed submitted using the comments form at will be accepted. ..."

      I'd say that's a pretty helpful comment, TSH!
      Great start to the competition :D

        I see they've been fixed... my work here is done!
        /heroic pose
        /flies off into the sunset

          you forgot to flick your cape over your shoulder

    Price to this man - probably only one to read the t & c - give the price to tsh

      *prize ... spelling is helpful do i win? :P

      You mean "prize". What? I'm being helpful!

        Nah, he really did mean price - he knows the T's & C's weren't "worth" the paper they were written on... BOOM TSH!

    Hopefully this will reduce the amount of commenter's who just give grammar and spelling checks. Would be nice to read peoples, you know... actual opinion on stories.

    We are helping the circle of consumerism

      I dyslexically looked at your comment and read "cycle of circumcision" :P

    Let the flurry of horrible comments and people trying to be funny begin!

    Odd.. that this was posted at 4pm and i posted almost 6 hours later and there are only 8 comments.. i guess no one really wants to win Microsoft mouse and Webcam? ..i guess i expected more hype to win stuff =P

    Ooo shiny things!

    An iPad user, an Asus Transformer user and a Windows Surface userwalk into a bar.

    The bartender asks: ''Can I get you guys a drink?''

    ''Yes,'' they all answer, ''We need something to wash down our tablets.''

    *boom tish*

    I don't get it, I thought there was bacon?

    too bad this comp ends on the 26th cause i've got some really funny comments, i just don't know what they are till the 27th

    So Giz is going to be monitoring and reading every comment for the next week? Jeez thats dedication.

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