Google Scores Patent On Google Glasses Tech

The US Patent and Trademark Office just awarded Google a patent on an "integrated finger-tracking input sensor device" for Google Glasses, which pretty much means that there'll be a trackpad on the side frame of the glasses. That trackpad probably means that the Project Glass system will be controlled with your fingers and not just your voice or eyesight.

The patent spells out use cases such as tapping and scrolling with the trackpad, but it doesn't specify how exactly it'd work in tandem with other Google Glasses controls. Although having a trackpad on your glasses seems potentially useful, it kinda dumbs down the dream of these specs being completely hands free. Either way, Google is smartly stacking up patents for any type of sci-fi glasses to come. [USPTO via Engadget]


    I would much rather a trackpad option than a speak/nod only interface. it would give a more direct control over the glasses. I would also love an option to have a wrist mounted track pad/keyboard (semi-flexible e-ink screen with touch-screen overlay)

      I like the wrist mounted control idea, just build it into an led watch and presto. Still better would be eyes only control, but better minds than mine will need to figure that one out!

    Nice. Will Google also supply a wipe cloth with every pair of Google Glasses so we can clean the smudge marks off it after each double tap?

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