Google Play Vs Apple iTunes: Who Wins?

Forbes writer Philip Elmer-DeWitt lays out an interesting argument in his latest piece: the most important competition between Apple and Google isn't a hardware battle or OS battle. Whoever wins this war could depend on who has the best digital content store.

Obviously, having killer apps is important, but no Google is banking on entertainment as well. Can Apple maintain its stronghold over digital media sales? [Forbes]


    Well, considering Apple's music service is worldwide and Google's is only in one of the world's 200 or so I think it's obvious who will win.

      yup. the longer they wait to expand out of the US the more ground they'll lose to Rdio and Spotify etc in those territories.

      If Google Music was available here at launch I'd have been all over it but I honestly don't think I'd sign up now if it came here (unless it adopts a subscription model).

      I would switch to Google music if the price is better. It really gets to me that iTunes charges us Australians way more than the US when it's the exact same service they are providing.

    I like iTunes' wishlist feature.

    in my opinion these are the current winners:
    Music: Apple
    Books: Google
    App-quality: Apple
    App-quantity: Google (can be a good thing and a bad thing)
    Never used the movies so not sure there..

      Just FYI, iOS and android have roughly same quantity apps. I believe ios is 650000 and android is 600000

        Sorry, I wasn't meaning the amount of apps, but rather the variance in app functionality. (I assume due to apples tight guidelines?)

        Thanks for the stats =)

        Smug: Apple.

    I think that the layout and navigation of the store is an important aspect especially on your mobile device. I haven't had much experience with apples products so I can't really judge but I played around with a mates Iphone and found the app market layout a bit daunting. Plus the playstore through the browser is a convenience as well.

    As a user of both app stores, Play doesn't frustrate me.

    The Aple App Store fails so many basic UI concepts that I am stunned that it was ever released.

    Either way I look at it, both platforms only have about 20% of apps available for them that are actually any good. There are far too many shitty apps out there. More quality control please.

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