Google I/O 2012 Keynote Posted To YouTube In Full [Updated]

Not happy with a 90-second wrap-up of the Google I/O keynote? Want to see the epic skydive onto the Moscone Convention Centre with Google Glasses, and ogle all the gadgets in full? If you answered yes then there's good news for you. You can stream the I/O conference keynote on YouTube.

Update: Google for some reason has set its copy of the keynote video to "private". We've switched the video out to one we managed to rustle up for you in the meantime.

Does anything announced today at I/O excite you?


    The video is private... Google please have this up by the time I get home. Thanks.

    Oh and also, Jellybean just shat all over iOS6 and killed Siri. You're the best.

    Argh damn private video. It was fine when the post was being written. Let me see if I can find a different video, all. It's really something special. Hang tight!

      I've looked everywhere, the most I can find is a one hour version. Thanks though Luke.

    Nexus 7 looks great. even better if it come with 3G/cellular network

    It finally loads!

    It seems to miss the glass demo.

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