Google Glass Has Not Yet Reached Australia

Bad news for all you gadget spotters out there. It's time to stop looking long and hard at people's faces around Google HQ in Sydney: there isn't a single Google Glass test unit in the country.

It's not completely unrealistic to think that you could spot new stuff from Google being tested in Australia. In terms of developer assets, Google Australia has the goods. Maps was born here, Drive was half-built here and a lot of the Chrome dev team also call Australia home. A lot of voice search stuff has been developed here, too.

Google Australia has told us though that keen gadget spotters won't get a glimpse of Google Glass in the wild unless they were some of the lucky attendees of I/O who managed to pre-order one of the Glass Explorer kits for the kick-about sum of $US1500.

Sorry, folks.



    Could it be because Glass hasn't passed regulatory assessment here for sale?? Like one of the holds ups for the Raspberry Pi was it didn't have the CE approval so couldn't be sold etc?

      It's not so much whether or not it can be sold here. Clearly there are hoops still to jump. It's more that the device isn't even being field tested here yet.

    The only thing google glasses will be good for is identifying people who need a slap upside their head...

    Call me a slapee because I want one yesterday.

      I've been wanting something like for about 20 years now. I don't care how stupid it might look at this point. When I heard that the preview models they were selling cost $1500 my first thought was 'is that all, I wish I had been there'. To hell with flying cars, this is the future I've been looking forward to since I was a kid.

      Haha, just don't bump into people, walk into traffic or trip over things.
      That will reduce the need for a slapp'n.

      I can imagine eye strain would be a problem after long periods of use.

    so, what countries is it in besides USA?

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