Google Australia Went Down Last Night [Updated]

Google Australia Went Down Last Night [Updated]

Had trouble accessing Google services from Australia last night? Don’t worry, it wasn’t just you.

Google Australia is still investigating the issue, but as we understand it the outage kicked off at around 8pm (AEST) last night according to Whirlpool forum users.

The outage was reportedly caused by a power failure in a North Sydney data centre that Google uses.

Upon discovering the fault, internet service providers began routing around the issue, resulting in slow, but usable services for Aussies looking to search the world.

We’ll update the story if we hear some more official information back from Google Australia.

Update: Google Australia has made it official. Here’s the statement:

Starting at about 8:10 pm Wednesday evening, users in Australia and New Zealand were unable to connect to Google’s services for several minutes due to a power outage in a Sydney facility that took down some of our networking infrastructure. We sincerely apologise to those who had difficulty connecting to Google until service was fully restored around 9 pm, and to those who may have experienced slow connections for a couple of hours after that. Everything is now back to normal.