Google Australia Take-Down Requests Skyrocket

Google Australia only removed 10 items of content in the six months between January and June last year. That all changed in the six months between July to December in the same year, with 646 pieces of content requested to to be taken down.

Why the massive leap? Google won't comment, but these are government take-down requests classified under the heading of "privacy and security" in the Web Search product.

Who knows what the government found objectionable at the time? [Lifehacker Australia]


    They were having some problems with their parliament house website at that time, maybe they had been allowing indexing on sensitive pages?

    It was probably criticism about the totally crap job Gillard and co. is doing.

      This comment has been removed as it was found to violate the Media Licensing Act 2013 - Section 21(a) No criticism can be made upon the current elected Federal Government of Australia, or any of it's Ministers of Parliament.

        *eyeroll* Yeah, because you can't find ANYBODY whingeing about the government online, despite Australia being one of the most prosperous countries on Earth...

          It's not about how prosperous we are, we just don't like her. Hearing her speak makes my skin crawl.

    UFO's ,it would have to be the sites about the UFO's. Oh sorry, that's right it's Australia not the US of A.

      Our government admits to it anyway. People win lotto every week so according to this sign, UFO's exist.

        Ha ,government confirmed proof, I new it!


    You're comparing 2 separate things! Yes in the first 6 month period they removed 10 pieces of content, but who says how many pieces of content were originally REQUESTED to be taken down. Conversely in the second half of that year, although 646 content take-down requests were received, how many pieces of content were actually removed.

      I know one piece of data was taken down/changed which was a building label on google maps

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