Get Your Instagram Photos Out Of The Cloud And Onto Something Awesome

Get Your Instagram Photos Out Of The Cloud And Onto Something Awesome

Instagram pictures have invaded every corner of your socially networked world. So it’s only fitting that those snazzy, heavily dusted images start popping up in real life — city skylines and poached eggs should look great on a pillowcase… right?


The most obvious thing to do is just print ’em out! For $US12, offers two size options — a set of 48 for minis or a set of 24 for Polaroid-like squares. [clear]


Yes. Who wouldn’t want to sleep on a throw pillow that’s covered in raindrops on a windshield, clouds from the aeroplane and your oh so drunk friends. Stitchtagram makes handmade 15-inch pillows covered in Instagram pictures, and if you stay within a certain theme, they actually turn out quite well. [clear]


It’s like creating your own graphic tee — an Instagram photo on an American Apparel T-shirt. I don’t know if I’d do it. But it’s only 20 bucks, it’s not that bad. Get one here from [clear]

iPhone or iPad Case

Only fitting to plaster your Instagram photos on the phone responsible for your Instagram photos! Can you imagine the time/space worm you’d create if you used an Instagram iPhone case of you taking a picture with your iPhone in that case in front of a mirror? Like having a phone with a picture of you taking a picture and then taking another picture? Do it with Casetagram. [clear]


These round sandstone coasters from Coastermatic got the thumbs-up approval by our features editor Harry Sawyers who fancies himself many a drinks. Though secretly, I wish they were square. Four for $US25 at Coastermatic. [clear]


I can see it now. January shows a heavily filtered, horrible picture of the harbour, February has a purposely shortened shot, throw in a rainy day for April, a double rainbow in May, and you’re on your way to a self-curated calendar by Keepsy. I want to see a calendar filled with Instagram pics for every single day. [clear]


I don’t know if most people grow up and pretend they never loved stickers, but that ain’t me. This one has obvious appeal. $US10 for 252 stickers at 252! [clear]


Your fridge just got cooler. (Sorry.) $US15 for six magnetic magics at Stickygram. [clear]

Coffee Mug

Your mug just got hotter. (Sorry, again.) $25 for a mug at Zazzle. [clear]

Ceramic Tile

Cover an entire wall, see pictures while you shower, turn your kitchen floor into a shrine or just have a unique one-off ceramic snapshot. Classy-ish. Starting at $US4 for a 2-inch x 2-inch tile at ImageSnap.[clear]