Future iPhones Could Have Interchangeable Camera Lenses

Although the iPhone camera is good (and continues to get better), it still can't provide the flexibility that a camera with interchangeable lenses can. Apple is apparently aware of this, as they've filed a patent for an iPhone with swappable glass.

The lens would be part of a removable back panel, and according to Engadget, it's possible that there could be multiple lenses available on a single panel (though that seems like it would be somewhat ugly and very unlike Apple). Is the era of the interchangable cameraphone lenses upon us? [USPTO via Engadget]


    Good idea but don't know if it will take off. Most serious photographers I know still have a stand alone camera and there's probably still the problem of no zoom (digital zoom isn't real zoom)

    They aren't ever going to do this. They wouldn't want a removable back panel. This patent is simply to stop others from doing it.

      and that's why i hate apple. "We don't want to do it ... but.... we aren't letting you do it because we can!"

      That's what I thought exactly.
      Apple would never make this but they'll sue the crap out of anyone who does.

        Well it was Apple's innovation in the 1st place so why wouldn't you sue? If it was you that did a similar thing, would you let other people/companies take it off you and use it?

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